Echoes of Time (Calia Read)

For Etienne and me, our love has always left a trace. 

It reigns over kingdoms, and rules over time. 

With Etienne now in the present day, the echoes of time grow louder. 
We must face the answers we seek to set things right.
However, we must be incredibly careful. One false move and everything we love will be destroyed.

And this time, could be the end of our surviving trace.
Echoes of Time is the epic finale in The Surviving Time Series.

“I’ve fallen in time. I’ve loved through time. I’ll die in time.”

Well shit.

I cannot believe it’s over. Now what am I supposed to do with myself? I’ve been powering through these books every chance that Calia gives me and I just don’t know what to do now that it’s all over with. Pout? Cry? Whine? Beg for more? I’m going with all of the above. Starting with pouting.

Per the freaking usual— Calia’s writing was top notch. It’s 10 times as enchanting as Belgrave is. And her vivid imagery is what dreams are made of. All of the heart eyes. I get lost in every single page that I turn. The imagination that this story pulls from me surprises me so much. I don’t see a lot of places and settings very vividly when I am reading books but with the help of Calia’s writing, I see it all so clear.

“There are some truths that refuse to lay down and die.”

Calia did not have to go hard for us with this series. She did not have to deliver a series that is packed full of angst, yearning, love, heartbreak, and challenges. But yet here she is… out here DELIVERING like she was made for it.  I will miss not only these characters and Belgrave but Calia’s fun way of creating a world so magical that it grabs ahold of you and doesn’t let you go. The heartache, the pain, the laughs, and all of the adventures were worth it. Calia deserves all of the stars for these three books combined. True magic in book form.

I guess in the meantime…I’ll just be here. Patiently waiting for Livingston’s book.




A Five Minute Life (Emma Scott)


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Remember us…when I can’t.

Thea Hughes has five minutes to live.

A car accident stole her parents and left her with the second-worst documented case of amnesia in the world. She now has only minutes of experiences, of consciousness, of life…before her memory is wiped clean. The once effervescent artist with a promising future is reduced to scribbling with pens and paper, living an empty, quiet life, three hundred seconds at a time.

Jim Whelan is on autopilot.

A foster kid shuffled around the system since birth, he’s lived his entire life without knowing love…and it’s taken its toll—until he learned to fight back, carry his armor, and keep his head down.

Working as an orderly in the Blue Ridge Sanitarium, deep in Virginia countryside, Jim looked up…and found Thea.

When Thea has the chance to break free of her five-minute prison with a risky, experimental surgery, it could lead them both to an epic love they never thought possible… or one that could require the ultimate sacrifice.

“Thea was down in the dark, but I was down there with her.“

I love Emma Scott. Yes, you heard me. I said it. You didn’t even have to twist my arm much did you? Her books may be hit or miss with me, but her writing is not. Every time I start one of her books, they’re close to impossible to put down.

Jumping straight into it— my favorite part of A Five Minute Life was the fact that a huge majority of this book was in a male POV! Being inside of Jim’s mind was quite the journey. Plus— I am always such a sucker for a good male POV. I think seeing the side of him that others don’t get to see, drew me in even more to the plot of the book.

The romance aspect of the story was one my faves: SLOW BURN. While this slow burn between Thea and Jim was hot, hot, hot it was also emotionally compelling. Yeah, these two people were clearly attracted to each other but it was on a whole different level. It was at a level that was heart wrenching to witness. Constantly seeing how patient Jim is with Thea and being in his POV was ugh…just so good.

The Office references. Hello?! Do I need to even say more? No. I don’t. Loved it. All of them.

A Five Minute Life was quite the emotional journey for me about patience and love. About finding the person that you’re heart loves so much and being there for them and keeping them safe even when it’s tough. Even when they want to keep you wild. Watching these two characters come together was hands down one of my favorite romances this year.

The Rebound (J.R. Rogue)

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Some love affairs aren’t meant for the public eye. Some love affairs won’t survive the fallout.

Calliope das Dores is not the perfect rebound, even if her name means “muse”. She is not who I should be running to. But I want her anyway.

She keeps telling me my squeaky-clean image can’t handle the scandal, but this want between us is not black and white, and it never will be.

I don’t care that she’s my uncle’s wife—or that she shares my last name. After finding my girlfriend in bed with my uncle at the end of my worldwide tour, the truth is clear: Calliope and I are the only family we both have left now.

In the beginning, after flying to the Ozarks to tell her of our partners’ sins, I tell myself it’s just so she won’t hear it from someone who would lie to her. But my manager and best friend say I’ve wanted her since I was a kid, and now, finally, she is allowed to want me back.

She says we can get over them with each other—even if it’s in secret, for a summer—but I have to promise her I won’t fall in love. It’s not part of the plan. The details in our past deny us of any future we could have had. 

What starts out as a rebound for both of us eventually consumes me. But the flames don’t reach her.

My muse is consumed, too. But not with me.

“That’s the difference between you and them,” she says, reaching out to take my chin in her hand pulling me toward her. Her fingers are soft, like her eyes in the light. “You don’t have it in you to hurt like them, like me.”

Well, here I am. A person who read the blurb for this story when Jen shared it with me and thought to myself: “Talon get real, you will not like this book. Just politely tell her that you aren’t able to read it.” Well, if I could slap myself for ever thinking something like that– I would. How dare I misjudge like that! So here I am, done with The Rebound, and loving every second of it.

Jen has this type of sharp writing that cuts right in at the beginning and doesn’t let go until you’re done. The poignant writing in The Rebound helps the story flow from one POV to the next as well as one point in time to another. She really stepped it up in this novel– basing the plot around a third person and first person POV. I thought the mixture really helped set the tone of the book as a whole.

I will say this, the whole Shawn Mendes as a muse thing almost turned me off from this but I’m glad that it didn’t! Mainly because I didn’t picture this Sean that way at all. That’s the beauty of books. The words are on the page, but the pictures in your head are your own.

If you think this novel is just about revenge and rebounding– you’re 100% wrong. It’s much more than that. The Rebound is J.R. Rogue’s best novel to date. I said what I said. She is just like a fine-wine. With every book she writes, she gets better and better. To me, that is what being an author is all about. Progressing and growing with each novel you write. Jen excels at this.

F*ck Marriage (Tarryn Fisher)


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Two years ago, Billie Tarrow’s husband left her for another woman. Shamed and divorced, Billie retreated to her family home in Port Townsend, far from her old life in New York. After a near-death encounter, Billie decides to return to the city that took everything from her. 

But sometimes in the midst of heartache, hope suffocates the pain. 

Satcher Gable has carried a torch for Billie for ten years. When she suddenly returns to New York a single woman, he can’t believe his good fortune. But convincing her to walk away from her heartache is proving more difficult than Satcher anticipated. A changed woman, Billie’s only goal is revenge.

After finishing F*ck Marriage, I’m still holding out hope that one day we can get a TF book where there isn’t “another woman” involved. Because with her last three books— that is what we have gotten. They are vengeful and spiteful women wanting revenge in some sort of way and more often than not, there’s another woman involved who is also vengeful and spiteful. But I can appreciate how each woman is going through something different. It hasn’t been the same story-line even though there is another woman in each story.

I just can’t relate to Billie in this one, that’s obvious I know. That’s not me, I haven’t went through what she has. She is my age but I haven’t been through a divorce like she has. So in turn, it was hard for me to really appreciate who Billie was/is. I struggled with her character all throughout. But I was a big sucker for Satcher, for the most part. Sometimes I think Tarryn writes better from the male POV. I love them every time I read them. I knew once I started his POV, I would see a part of him that I didn’t get to in Billie’s POV and I was right. 

SLIGHT SPOILER ** I had a hard time with the plot twist between Jules and Satcher and Billie at Christmas time (the present they open). That’s all I will say about that due to avoiding HUGE spoilers. The “responsibility” that came about, out of nowhere might I add, seemed to just be forgotten about. It left a bad taste in my mouth how all of the characters handled it. ** END SLIGHT SPOILER. 

All throughout the story there were just way too many random story lines that really didn’t do anything for the story at hand. Random things happening, things scattered every where, etc. And on top of that, I felt like the last 15% of this book was too rushed. Especially for what Billie was trying to create for herself. 

I don’t love every book that Tarryn Fisher writes. But that’s okay! Because I can appreciate her talent and her writing more than anything in this world. The fact that she reaches a new audience with every book she releases is astonishing. I love how she writes books for all kinds of different people— never the same crowd. With every book she writes, somebody different takes away something meaningful for themselves. Whether it’s vigilante Margo, self-reflecting Senna, obsessive and cunning Olivia, psycho Fig, ever changing and wandering Yara… we all take something differently and that is the magic of Tarryn Fisher.

The Assistant (Marni Mann)


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At forty-two, I’m married to my best friend, and we have two beautiful children. 
Everything about my life is perfect until my father gets sick.

Before: I owned and operated a massively successful women’s shapewear company.
After: I stay home with my family because I’ve learned the importance of time.

Before: My husband could rely on me to take care of everything.
After: I hire him the perfect assistant.

My entire life can be summed up in before and afters, but something happens in the middle.
A meeting.
And it changes the course of everyone’s lives forever.

I wish I could say that I at least liked the concept of this story– but I didn’t. I didn’t like how Jesse’s character was treated by others and I didn’t like how Jesse’s character treated others (sounds confusing, right?) Writing this review is hard for me. Because when you scroll through Goodreads, you find nothing but five star reviews. And although a lot of those reviews have some really great points– I couldn’t bring myself to rate it that high.

I will say this: This book was not at all what I thought it was going to be. Without reading the blurb and strictly going off the cover and the title I expected an affair. Cheating. Whatever you want to call it. But, it wasn’t that. So that made me happy.

I had a lot of issues with this book that unfortunately I cannot put in this review because I am very against spoilers. I wouldn’t do that to any one. I can’t discuss a lot of the things that I want to because it would ruin practically the whole book. I just have to hope that once people finish this book they will want to discuss it with me LOL! Please! Let’s talk about it!

As always– I am a huge fan of Marni Mann. One book that I didn’t just LOVE will not ever change that. Her writing is always so jarring and straight the point which in turn always gives us a story that is quick paced that doesn’t contain a lot of lulls. I just feel like this story could have went a few different ways but by the end of it, I wasn’t a fan of the “twist” and the story-line which of course is just a personal preference.

Lotus Effect (Trisha Wolfe)


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Lakin Hale, true crime writer and victim of an attack that left her for dead, helps crime solvers and victims close cold cases, yet there is one crime she hasn’t been able to solve:

Her own.

As she embarks on a new case, working closely with Special Agent Rhys Nolan, the details of the murder begin to eerily resemble the event that nearly ended her life. A silhouette of a man haunts her dreams, but there were only two people there that night—Lakin and her murderer. Is the phantom hero who pulled her from the water a delusion, or is he the only one who can unlock her dark memories?

Buried in a watery grave of lotuses, the victim calls out to Lakin, unearthing painful memories of what was stolen from her that fateful night. For those that played a part, it’s now time to answer for their sins.

“Envy is a powerful and debilitating emotion. Stunting, all consuming. Jealousy can twist you into a gnarled creature, bent on self-destruction.”

Okay so, Lotus Effect was a fun crime novel! By the time I had finished the book, I wanted to officially become a true crime detective too. But what’s new there? Usually when I’m reading crime-type books, the redundant details drive me insane. But the way this novel flowed together really hit the mark for me! I was all around very impressed, as this is my first Trisha Wolfe book.

I think my most favorite thing about the book was the fact that the romance didn’t over power the story line. Yeah, it was there. But it was evenly spread out and not piled onto us. A lot of time we read these types of books and all they care to tell us is about the romance. But the author did a great job at giving us details to the actual crimes going on, not the romance that is there. That was refreshing for me.

The writing was great. Trisha has a great sense of poetic writing. Not only that, the mixture of the past and present was legit built into the story in the best way. Getting a taste here and there really helped build up the suspense through out the story.

“The impending doom is where fear lives. It thrives in that dark place, like how moss grows on the shaded side of a tree. All that we fear harbors in the shadows. A nameless, faceless monster. That’s why, this time, the message has to be brought into the light.”

I know that a lot of crime novels can drone on and on. They can speak on every single detail ever brought up. But if you’re looking to break into that genre– I think that the Lotus Effect would be a great one to ease you into it. The story line was original, the writing was fantastic, and the mystery aspect was excellent.

The First Girl Child (Amy Harmon)


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Bayr of Saylok, bastard son of a powerful and jealous chieftain, is haunted by the curse once leveled by his dying mother. Bartered, abandoned, and rarely loved, she plagued the land with her words: From this day forward, there will be no daughters in Saylok.

Raised among the Keepers at Temple Hill, Bayr is gifted with inhuman strength. But he’s also blessed with an all-too-human heart that beats with one purpose: to protect Alba, the first girl child born in nearly two decades and the salvation for a country at risk.

Now the fate of Saylok lies with Alba and Bayr, whose bond grows deeper with every whisper of coming chaos. Charged with battling the enemies of their people, both within and without, Bayr is fueled further by the love of a girl who has defied the scourge of Saylok.

What Bayr and Alba don’t know is that they each threaten the king, a greedy man who built his throne on lies, murder, and betrayal. There is only one way to defend their land from the corruption that has overtaken it. By breaking the curse, they could defeat the king…but they could also destroy themselves.

As I am typing this review out, I am also currently packing up my house so that I can permanently take up residency inside of Amy Harmon’s pretty brain. Could you just imagine the amount of magic you would witness if you spent your days inside of there? I can. And let me tell you, it sounds like my dream vacation destination.

While reading The First Girl Child, I loved a lot of things. Below, I am going to bullet point each one. I feel like this should be a very organized and broken down review.

  • The mixture of action and humor. Seriously. The dry humor is incredible. Seeing the characters interact was so amusing and entertaining.
  • The characters. Okay but seriously. I can’t sit here and break it down, one by one, because each character had such strong characteristics that I loved for all sorts of different reasons. But I will say that in true Amy Harmon fashion, she has created a set of characters that you will remember years later. When you hear someone say the title “The Last Girl Child” you will instantly replay the great cast of characters inside of your head and smile.
  • The story concept. Loved it. Point. Blank. LOVED IT. The title portrays just what I loved most about it. Have you read a book like this? NO. Even remotely close? NO, probably not. It’s unique. It’s Amy Harmon. She is a fantastic story teller. Each time I pick up one of her books, I am always reminded of that.
  • Imagery & settings. Um, HELLO. Every single time you turn the page you see just how vivid Amy’s settings and scenes are. I had absolutely ZERO trouble playing these scenes out in my mind because Amy’s writing is top notch in the sense that she paints the prettiest pictures for us as a reader.

I felt like I was writing a paper for college when I was typing this review out. But I also feel like I could go on and on about this story. And well, the bullet point process probably just shut me up an extra 15 minutes. You’re welcome.

When I think of Amy Harmon, I always think about how dynamic she is as a writer. Want a romance? Amy Harmon. Want a fantasy? Amy Harmon. Want a historical book? Amy Harmon. Do you just want to sit down and read a damn good book and forget the world for a little while? AMY HARMON.

All kidding aside, this book was magical. Just… magical. Possibly some of Amy’s best work to date. I hope that if you are looking for a book that gets you lost for a little while, you pick this one up. If not, you are missing out.