After Series (Anna Todd)

This is a place where I can be honest, right? Okay, well honestly I have wanted to quit these books every time I put one down. Hardin and Tessa have been through so much shit that my brain literally cannot keep up with. But as I open my third book, I feel anxious and excited to see what these psychos have been up to.

My heart always breaks for Hardin and I always want to slap Tessa in the face. They meet in college. He’s an asshole. She’s the perfect girl. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Typical. All of this story is typical. But then you throw daddy issues in there. And mother issues. And rebellion. And angst. And feelings and then you’re just a big ole ball of crybaby and dramatics. BUT, props to Anna Todd because these four books have enough of what I need to keep going. Granted, they are big books. They do have some useless information in there but get over it and get to reading.

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