Echo (E.K. Blair)

It’s been said the longest echo ever measured lasted 75 seconds, but I can assure you, this will last much longer. The bang deafened the world around me, muting everything into nullity, allowing the reflection of its destruction to live far beyond its intended life.

It will follow me forever, destroying me—destroying you.

You want answers?

So do I.

What. The. Fuck did I just read. Actually, never mind. I know what I just read because my brain hurts and I am pissed at the ending just like most of E.K.’s other books. However, this go around I wasn’t pleased. I was bored and I just wanted to go read Bang again. Now, there are parts where I was still shocked and still dumbfounded but all in all the book just didn’t do it for me. I got absolutely NO answers (like the blurb said) and I was just as frustrated when I finished the book as I was when I started it.

“Did you know it was possible to have feelings with no emotions? You can, and I’m proof of it”

Echo picks right back up where Bang left off. Nina gets to have the joy of dealing with all of her lies and deception. Just like Bang, this book is not for the faint of heart. It will test you and push you. It could also be a trigger for some people. I swayed out of my comfort zone a couple of times. I liked the writing style and the usage of words which helped me stick with the book. And I don’t know if this is okay for me to say but I am totes okay with Nina not getting a happy ending. I just haven’t gotten attached to her like I do most characters. Who knows, I could just be weird.

“The fire in me is gone. Only ash and embers remain. Echoes and shadows. Darkness and death.”

 photo echoblair_zpsa4347b45.png

THAT CLIFFHANGER THOUGH? It’s probably the only reason I will go into the third one. That and I like to finish series out. I loved Bang so hard. How could I not of loved Echo? It just felt way to repetitive for me. And SO. MANY. BIG. WORDS. I had to use the dictionary more than I am proud to admit. But like I said, I loved the writing. The quotes and Pike are what pulled me through this disaster. Pike makes this whole story so much better. ( I LOVE PIKE) I feel like people were felt too obligated to give E.K. a five star rating. Don’t get me wrong, her writing and story lines are heavenly but… ya know.



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