Jezebel (K. Larsen)


30 years of affection.
10 years of soul shattering love.
8 years of happy employment.
2 months of turmoil.
1 week of truth.
A lifetime of betrayal.

Would you have seen it coming?

Annabelle Fortin landed herself in a bit of trouble. Mandated to community service at an assisted living facility for early onset dementia she meets Jezebel, one of the residents. This is the story that unfolds over the course of Annabelle’s court ordered six month sentence. Nothing is what it seems

I am dubbing this book my top fave of 2015 thus far. I opened this book wanting to see what all of the hype was about and I get it now. I get it. I freaking get it. I didn’t guess a single thing coming in this book. Not. A. Single. One. I said “WTF” and “OH SHIT” at least 1500 times and I kicked myself in the ass at the end of the book for liking some of the characters. What a freaking idiot I was. And then called myself names for not seeing that STUPID ENDING COMING! I mean, where was my head at? I was too busy “ooohing and awwwing” at Annabelle and Jezebel. Fuck.

For starters, I highlighted absolutely everything. Thats what pisses me off, Jezebel was wise and smart and kind and her words touched my heart so sincerely as I know they touched Annabelle’s. Typically when I read a book where it is too good to be true (which this one was, trust me), I cautiously and slowly read and just wait for the ball to drop…and DID IT EVER. Please don’t get this confused with how much I loved this book, I guess I should focus on that now.

Annabelle is a troubled teen who falls into some trouble. She is sensitive and has no attention from her parents. Her consequences for her trouble require her to do volunteer work at a retirement home once a week, 4 hours a day, for 6 months.  *cue Annabelle meeting Jezebel* Annabelle soon finds the time she spends with Jezebel intriguing and inspiring, as well as Jezebel’s words. Annabelle finds herself enjoying the romantic story of Jezebel’s friend, Celeste and the love she shared with Gabriel. Through Jezebel recounting of their story, we learn how Gabriel and Celeste met and how they fell in deeply in love. The romance between them was captivating, mesmerizing and we, along with Annabelle were held spellbound by every word Jezebel spoke of this loving couple.

“Oh but my dear, every great love story has a twist. If there’s no twist, how does one ever know if their love can endure?”

I was completely engulfed in her story. I wanted to skip present time to go straight to Celeste and Gabriel. I tried not to get TOO comfortable because I kept holding onto this overwhelming feeling that the rug was about to be pulled right out from underneath me. I turned every page with my eye balls popping out of my head because….BECAUSE!!!!!!! The author pulls and lulls us in to a false hope and admiration and then BAM! I loved it. It was beautiful.


“Love is powerful. It can heal, it can lift – it can also drag you down into the depths of hell and burn you until you’re no longer recognizable – so you must be careful with your heart.”


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