Love in Rewind (Tali Alexander)


Emily has the life every woman dreams of.

At 29, she has two beautiful kids, a live-in nanny, housekeeper, cook, and every imaginable luxury in the posh Upper East Side townhouse she shares with her drop-dead gorgeous husband, Louis Bruel. His company, Bruel Industries, owns a big chunk of New York City’s most sought-after real estate, and together Emily and Louis embody the perfect hot fairy tale couple for ten happy years of marriage.

But when Louis mysteriously starts pushing Emily away, becoming distant and secretive, she is forced to search for the truth among the lies, scandal and heartbreak of his past that threaten to shatter her world. What she finds out will test the strength of her love and her vows to the man of her dreams.

Can Emily and Louis rewind far enough back to a time when life was simpler and love was all they needed? Follow their story with the help of some of their favorite songs from the 80’s to discover just how deep and how far love will go.

FREAKING YES. Everything about this book was on point. First I have to say that I always have a much bigger attraction towards books that include music into their story line. I always say I am a big fan of Jessica Sorensen mainly for that reason. I love having that music to give me more of an idea on what the characters are like and what their moods are. If it sticks out to me enough, every time I hear that song I will think of that specific time and character and Tali Alexander executes that perfectly. Even better, IT’S 80’S FREAKING MUSIC. I love that they were actually linked into the book to YouTube.

“Sara and I had this thing since we were twelve, where we expressed our feelings through 80’s song titles.”

“But then again, how could you tell your body you can’t have air when you need to breathe?”

As a married person myself, I always worry “what if my husband wakes up one morning and doesn’t love me anymore?” or “what if I am no longer good enough for my husband?” I think this book was tremendous in the sense of every wife has those insecurities. So we start off by learning that Louis and Emily have been drifting apart for the last three months and it’s been that long since they have last made love. Every day goes on and they grow further and further apart. I couldn’t help but hurt for them because this happens to married couples every day. REWIND. When Emily finished High School she made the decision to enjoy her summer with her best friend and possibly help her sister with her event planning company. Cue Louis. In her mind he was just a fantasy but with one look Louis Bruel was the man to change her forever.

“I should’ve known the end would be closing in on my fairy tale eventually. Fairy tales aren’t meant to last outside the pages of a book.” 

Love in Rewind lets us go see the time when Louis and Emily met and how they fell desperately in love. In this time frame we get to how passionate Louis and Emily were for each other and how they consumed themselves with their love. I felt like Tali did a superb job giving us all of the details needed to fall in love with these two people and even their friends and surrounding.  It’s an insta-love type book but I feel as though the intensity was there so the intensity was much needed.

“Where was the man who promised to move heaven and earth to make sure I was his and no one else’s” 

Louis was clearly a man whore who did whoever whenever but met Emily and changed and found a way to maker her happy. I feel like Emily was a young naive/pure girl that had no problem what so ever shying away from the feelings that Louis dug out of her. I had to tell myself a couple of times to just try and remember that she WAS young. She was experiencing all of these things for the first time.

“Emily Bruel, I hope you enjoyed the ride…time’s up. Please exit on your right and don’t let the door hit you on your ass. You stupid girl!” 

I feel like Tali included the perfect mixture of humor and seriousness into this novel. I laughed but probably not as much as I cried. This really is a fantastic read. The sex was scorching hot, passionate, and VERY descriptive. I tried to put the book down numerous times and I just couldn’t. I very much enjoyed Tali Alexander’s writing style and absolutely can’t wait to read Sara’s story.


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