Worthy of Love? (J. Lea)


They say everything happens for a reason. Maybe they are right, but I don`t really agree.

When I was 14, the life I knew, turned upside down. I was devastated.
Every time I looked myself in the mirror, I saw this ugly girl looking at me. Love obviously wasn’t a part of my plan anymore. How could it be?

But then I met him.
And it happened.
Suddenly and without a warning.
I want him.
I crave him.
Every fiber of my being yearns for him.
He is the one who makes my heart sing, and the one who hunts my dreams at night.

But I can never have him.
After all, he is forbidden..


Worthy of Love is about a girl finding love in a world where she feels like she doesn’t quite deserve it or belong. It is about every day struggle and every day events that happen to “normal” people like you and me. This book was a tremendous breath of fresh air for me. The book starts off present day but as we read we get the past/present point of view and build up. I love loved that in this particular book. As you read (if you are anything like me) you could feel your anxiety and your tension building and escalating as each chapter went on. Personally, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stay with present Lori and laugh with her or past Lori and coddle her so hard. Our hero Parker, didn’t just affect Lori he affected me. Deep. So. Damn Deep.

But all good things must obviously come to an end because 30% in. WHY damnit WHY? What makes an author want to play this type of cruel joke on us? Yep, should have seen it coming.

If you thought that was it boy were you wrong! Because 71% in and WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK.

I very much enjoyed the humor. Elias and Lori are comical, hilarious, and so strangely put together that it just works. The same goes with Parker (Plus I LOVE the name Parker).The tone. The tone was so put together and tedious that I was afraid to miss anything. My eyes stayed glued from beginning to end. The characters were real and complex, I didn’t feel like anything was faked or forced. Usually I’m a sucker for smut but forbidden love is my weakness. It is much more angsty and passionate and I love it. And yes, go buy this book when it released.


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