The Summer Garden (Paullina Simons)

The Magnificent Conclusion to the Timeless Epic Saga

Through years of war and devastation, Tatiana and Alexander suffered the worst the twentieth century had to offer. Miraculously reunited in America, they now have a beautiful son, Anthony, the gift of a love strong enough to survive the most terrible upheavals. Though they are still young, the ordeals they endured have changed them–and after living apart in a world laid waste, they must now find a way to live together in postwar America.

With the Cold War rising, dark forces at work in their adopted country threaten their lives, their family, and their hard-won peace. To regain the happiness they once knew, to wash away the lingering pain of the past, two lovers grown distant must somehow forge a new life . . .or watch the ghosts of their yesterdays destroy their firstborn son.

The Summer Garden . . . their odyssey is just beginning.

What the hell do I do with my life now? For the past month I have been so engrossed in these books, now that they are over I have no idea what to do with myself. The Summer Garden is the final book in the Bronze Horseman Trilogy. This final book (in my opinion) was set to a completely different pace than the first ones. In both the Bronze Horseman and Tatianna and Alexander there was love, betrayal, tragedy and hope all set against the backdrop of WWII. But in the Summer Garden, their story continues with their life after the war and it really delves into the characters and their day to day relationship. The author gives a very realistic portrayal of post war marriage and the obstacles they must overcome with their wartime past, inner demons, and outer conflicts. Also with adjusting to life outside of Russia.

Since I was so invested in this book and in their relationship, it was really painful and heartbreaking to read it and it felt very REAL to me. Their closeness and intensity became very frigid. It felt like all of the tension could be cut with a butter knife. Their relationship had conquered the violent woes of war so when they begin a new life in the quiet of everyday trifles, everything comes apart. Why does it fall apart? What happened?

“That’s the chasm. You go through something that changes you. You see things you can’t unsee. Then you are sleepwalking through your actual life, shell-shocked.”

the summer garden - the bronze horseman #3:

“I love you, I’m blind for you. I’m sick with you. Everything that happened to us, everything is because I crossed the street for you. I worship you. You know that through and through. The way I hold you, the way I touch you, my hands on you, God, me inside you, all the things I can’t say during the daylight… Tatiana, Tania, Tatiasha, love, do you feel me?” 

As I got closer to end of this book my chest started to get heavy. My stomach had butterflies. And my palms were getting sweating. I felt an abundance of feelings. This book just encompassed me SO MUCH. I felt like I was in a vortex and I couldn’t get out. It is realistic, it is emotional, it is full of pain, full of healing, which is just an on going theme I’ve accepted. It’s not afraid to reach to the depth of you soul. Paullina holds nothing back in this one. She writes about human beings after all of their hurt and all of their struggle. But now that I’m finished I feel like I have just lost two best friends…

…Until we meet again, Shura and Tania….
A kickass ending to a kickass saga.

I wanted to include some pictures that I got from my friend, Nicole, who’s pinterest board is immaculate.

The Summer Garden (The Bronze Horseman, #3) by Paullina Simons —: “what would you like to play, Captain? Marco Polo?” “How about Little Red Riding Tania?” he says, all teeth. “Okey-dokey.” Making her voice high high high, she says gamely, batting her eyes, “Oh, Captain, what big arms you have...” “All the better to hold you with, my dear.” He squeezes her wet body to him. “Oh, Captain, what big hands you have...” “All the better to grab you with, my dear.” He grabs her behind and presses into her. “Oh, my, Captain! What a—”: The birth of Charles Gordon Pasha. The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons. The Bronze Horseman series.:

The Bronze Horseman quote from The Summer Garden:


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