Meant to Be (Esther M Soto) 

Can one simple decision alter the rest of your life?
When Christina Reyes agrees to attend a local bar on Valentine’s Day, she doesn’t expect to bump into her old college roommate, Ileana Harper. Funny how things happen. One minute you’re stopping to greet an old friend, and the next you’re literally running into the most perfect male specimen you’ve ever laid eyes on. 

Special agent Brad Nelson’s life is full of engagements, appointments, and obligations—and that’s just during his personal time. Getting a drink with his fellow agents on some made-up holiday isn’t on his agenda. Neither is the gorgeous little brunette that plowed into him. Yet every fiber of his being wants to make room for her. 

Some believe events are just coincidence. 
Some believe we can control our future by the choices we make. 

But, what if they’re wrong? What if there is such thing as fate?

What if some things are just Meant to Be?

I’m sure you all have grabbed Hold My Heart while it’s been on sale so this little novella will be a great read for you while you wait for the second book in the series to come out.

This read was quick and well wrote. We get the story about how Brad and Chris meet and it was such an enjoyable story. Lots of smiles in my face while I was reading it.

I’m always in awe when an author can make such a short story such as a novella just work so well and Esther does just that. I actually wish she would have done a full length novel on these two characters.

I don’t want to give too much away just in case you haven’t read Hold My Heart (shame on you!) but I’m beginning to think that now brad is up there with Tommy and Will.


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