Lost and Found (Lori Otto)


“There was true depth to the story and the characters that moved me and emotionally gutted me. I was so taken by Nate and Emi’s love for each other. It’s the kind of love that few have and many desire but never get to experience.” – Megan, Reading Books Like a Boss

Independent and sensitive, idealistic and hopeful, Emi Hennigan lives her life with optimism and an open mind. Between sharing a tiny Manhattan apartment with her fun-loving roommate and spending most of her free time with her heart-breaker friend, Emi’s seen enough failed relationships to know what to avoid in her quest to find her true love. Not only that, but a single moment from her past lingers in her mind, setting high expectations for every man she dates.

Emi’s best friend, artist and hopeless romantic Nate Wilson, has been her closest companion all of their adult lives. After swearing off love with Emi in a silly high school pact, Nate has been seeing other women in hopes of finding one that evokes stronger feelings than the ones he’s been harboring for Emi since he was a teen. Over the span of a year, boundaries are crossed, feelings are confessed, and their unique friendship begins to blossom into something more.

Through Nate’s eyes, an atypical romance unfolds, disrupting the comfortable safe haven their friendship has provided. With a promising future ahead of them both, fate intervenes to bring two soul mates together.

I loved the prequel novella to this series and I read it first and jumped straight into this hoping to love it too. I struggled, bad. I was so intrigued by Nate and Emi in the prequel but then this book threw me upside down. The book felt so long to me. Maybe it was long, maybe I read slow. A lot of things dragged and a lot of details were dragged.

Emi was a very hard person for to attach myself to. I didn’t understand a lot of what she did and she got on my nerves so bad. It’s hard to enjoy a story when you aren’t invested in the main characters, but the writing was good and the story held so much potential that I found myself pushing through it.

I feel like people always think 3 stars is a terrible rating but it’s not. I enjoyed the depth of the characters and the secondary characters were great. I did not enjoy the back and forth. The wishy washy. Emi rubbed me the wrong way from the get go so I’m afraid that shattered all hopes of the book for me.

The ending was SOLID. So solid I’m currently reading the second one. I feel like I’m being so nosey because I really just want to know what’s going to happen.


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