Time Stands Still (Lori Otto)

Emi Hennigan could never have predicted her life would be like this. After wasting more than ten years being “just a friend” to her true love, Nate Wilson, Emi feels more than a little regret. Her future was set, though. Nate loved her as much as she loved him, and they were moving forward with a romance that took them both by surprise. They already knew their bad habits, quirks and the subtle nuances of expressions, but the love was all-encompassing and new to them both. 

No man could compete, Emi thought, until one night – one evening, one party, one journey, one second alters her course completely. 
That night, her brother’s confident best friend, Jack Holland, comes back into her life with a mission: to spend more time with Emi to prove he is the right man for her. A romance with him is the furthest thing from Emi’s mind, though, staying loyal and steadfast to a trusted man that she will always love. 
In a year’s time, though, Emi must learn to make changes she’d never before considered after being impacted by unexpected events. While her fragile spirit takes time to heal, Jack slowly finds a comfortable place in her life. Only time will tell if it’s right for Emi – and enough for him.

So, after not completely loving Lost and Found, I was very curious as to what would happen in Time Stands Still. The ending of the first book is enough to push me in the direction of the second book. However, I wish I could have gotten my answers with having to read the whole book though. Oh, it was sad alright. The first part of the book I felt like I needed a whole bottle of Xanax. But you can only pity and be sad for a character for so long. I stopped at Chapter 5.

“Thirteen years. One night. Nine months. One small baby will deliver true love. I can’t wait to see you.”

In this book, Emi struggles with being alone. Again. She tries to figure out how to adjust to everything that she has recently been through. I think I found Emi more annoying in this book. The long, drawn out indecisions were a huge battle with me. Do I keep reading? Do I DNF? Why are we focusing on dwelling and certain points for TOO LONG? I really started enjoying the book towards the end though. I swear I will forever be Team Nate but Jack grows on you. I am more curious on what his story is now.

Maybe I lost more interest when Nate died in the first book. In my opinion, no Jack can replace him or what Emi had with him. I know that he is written to make you believe that there are second chances and Lori does well with making you feel some sort of feelings for Jack. Besides the fact that this book dragged on also and there are a lot of lulls and over-exaggerated details, it was still a great read. Maybe I am just cynical and should try to sympathize for Emi a little bitter. Regardless of why I didn’t care for it, Lori has exceptional writing that keeps my attention 85% of the time.


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