Dear Tabitha (Trudy Stiles)

You know me. You know who I am. What I am. 

Damaged. Confused. Alone.

You feel sorry for me. You pity me.

You know what I’ve done. What I’ve given up. Who I’ve given up.

You try to understand what I’ve been through and how I can possibly go on with my life. But you can’t possibly understand.

I’ve lost too much. Sacrificed too much. Given up everything so that I can find myself.

Well I’m done.

I’m done walking away from everything that matters.

It’s time for me to heal.

It’s MY TURN to earn…




Let me start off by saying this: I don’t cry in books. I can count on three fingers the amount of times I’ve cried because of a book. It just doesn’t happen. But this one. This one I was on the brink of it. My throat was getting heavy. My eyes just barely started leaking. I was feeling it coming. But I got a grip quick.


Dear Tabitha picks up about two years after Dear Emily. Tabitha is finally settled in with her life and has progressed so much. She is managing the bookstore, and learning how to survive on her own. Then Alex comes back into Tabby’s life and things get complicated all at once. Go figure. If any one deserves happiness it’s this couple. Truly.

Dear Tabitha was so much YES. I think I loved it more than Dear Emily. Why? Let me count the ways…

ALEX. His POV was everything to me. For someone who I didn’t care for in Dear Emily, Trudy wrote him a damn good redemption story. He climbed and clawed his way back into not only Tabitha’s heart but mine. The past/present POV’s are so damn brilliant.

SARA. Oh my god Sara. My heart was ripping apart at its seams and I could feel it. Every bit of it. What a beautiful addition to this story.

KIRSTEN. Oh girl. My cold heart was melted so many times from you. Now, what do I have to do to get a book about her and Tristan? I’ll do just about anything. For real.


This is a book that’s hard to write about without writing spoilers. Please just know that Trudy went WAY above what I had expected. This book has twist and turns that I never expected. Trudy is an author that has completely stolen my heart and her characters are ones that will forever live with me. Like, I feel like they’re MY forever family.


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