The Absence of Olivia (Anie Michaels)


My name is Evelyn.

I met Devon and instantly fell for him.

Weeks later he fell for my best friend.

Never one to make waves, I watched as they started a life together. I stood by as their family grew, was the maid of honor at their wedding and the godmother to their children. All the while, I was longing for him, watching as he became the perfect husband and father. I was never jealous. I wasn’t even angry that my best friend had the only person I wanted. I had simply resigned myself to living without his love, but still being a part of his life.

Then, one terrible day, my best friend died.

She died and we all struggled to live life without her. Slowly, as the pain eased, our eyes opened and Devon finally saw me.

This is a story about second chances and second choices.

This is the story of how my life changed in the absence of Olivia.

I think that this was a book I preordered previously. And I think it was because this cover is amazing. It’s been on my kindle for so long that I have bypassed it every time I look for a new book to read. I made a list and this was the next one on it. So I read it. But I didn’t necessarily like it.


Evie and Olivia are best friends. Like, best friends since they were 14 years old best friends. So Evie meets a guys named Devon in college and doesn’t see him around again for weeks. Until Olivia shows up and introduces her new boyfriend (Devon) to Evie. So thus begins not quite a love triangle but just enough of one to make you question what’s going to happen. Who ends up with who? What happens? I wanted more excitement. I wanted more…feelings? More so REALISTIC feelings.


I had a lot of issues with this book, a lot may or may not be spoilers. If they are, forgive me. First, I didn’t connect with any of the characters. Evie to me was not a very strong female lead. She was actually very wishy-washy. “Oh I want one thing but no I think I want another” type of wishy washy. Devon was just a big eye roll to me. He wasn’t a very dominate male lead in this book when in all actuality he was a main character. Nate was the only redeeming part of this story for me.

Which brings me to my second point: this story is so big on “don’t be anyone’s second choice!” So, um, what is Nate? I don’t get it. You’re saying that it’s unacceptable to be someone’s second choice but then you’re okay with being said persons second choice. I don’t get it.


Also, I didn’t understand quite how easily every one had moved on. Yeah, there’s kids, yeah life happens but really…think about it. Your spouse dies and your best friend dies, what do you do? Make eyes at said dead best friends husband? Do you say inappropriate things to your dead wife’s best friend? I may be giving away a ton of spoilers but let’s face it, this book was not realistic to me in the least bit.

It was a quick and light read. Lots of back and forth from past to present and then jumping two years to more present time. I feel like if the story line might have been tweaked just a bit the story would have really resonated with me but this time I wasn’t feeling it.


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