Out of Focus (LB Simmons) 

“Shhhh, Cassandra, it’s our little secret.”

Secrets are stubborn things when they refuse to remain hidden. They tear through your soul, clawing and lashing until the pain becomes so unbearable, you’re left no choice but to silently scream your agony. No one hears you, of course. You smile on the outside and drift through life as though your mind is at peace, but all the while, you remain your own tortured prisoner. Sealed inside the darkened, soundproof room of your conscience, deafening cries echo as you plead for someone to unlock the door and release you from your nightmares. And eventually, when no one comes, you find ways to cope. To dull the suffering the only way you know how.

But what happens when you’ve become so numb, when everything around you has become so blurred, that you begin to lose focus on the saving grace standing directly in front of you? When you’ve anesthetized yourself to the point of losing consciousness, forced to watch as his once solid image fades away, lost to your reach in the haze as it smothers you?

What do you do then?

You fight. You heal. Then you bring him back.

Well, my name is Cassie Cooper, and it’s time.

No more secrets.

This is my story.

If you’re anything like me (or if you’re not) you love books that are real. The books that hit you right where you need to snap yourself back to reality. Sometimes you need that push and you need those characters. Sometimes you want to open your eyes. You guys, meet Cassie.


If you’ve read Under The Influence you’ve met Cassie. You’ve met her but you don’t know her whole story. You’ve also met Grady. But have you met persistent and raw Grady? Probably not because you haven’t read this book. When it’s revealed what Cassie’s story truly is you’re heart will down right break. But in true LB fashion, that stinker puts it right back together. And sends you a quirky “heeheehee” right back at your face. I highlighted a lot with this one. Whether it was about courage or love or fairies and sparks.

Every word LB put down in here hits you right where you need it most. It’s like a loving slap in the face. Like “hey I love you times two, but here…take my words and eat them, chew them up, and swallow them and feel that gnarly burn.”


Cassie has one powerful and gripping story to tell you. I hope you open your heart and let her in. If you don’t, I hope you still take something away from this story. I hope you find yourself. Love. Courage. Strength. Forgiveness. I hope you find it all. And I hope you are able to write your own kickass epilogue like you deserve.


LB Simmons brings her characters to life with their flaws and their weaknesses but to me, it makes them that much more beautiful and real. Some old, some new but the same captivating characters they always were. Books like this make me happy to blog. Books like this also make me take a deep look at myself and want to make those improvements I’ve put off for so long.


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