The Letters (Lesley Jones)


It’s just a box of letters, right?

Words that were written a long time ago.

From a boy to the girl that he missed. From a man to the woman he loved.

But what if those words carried more impact than anyone realised?

Will they finally give Georgia the closure she needs and lessen the guilt she battles every day?

Or will everything she thought she knew about the boy and man who wrote them and the life they shared be forever altered?

All will be revealed in The Letters.

A story about life, love, and acceptance.

Why couldn’t we have stopped with Marley?

Every one knows how I feel about Georgia and Maca. Everyone. But this one was really unnecessary. If anyone else is like me, they forgot about the letters. And I damn sure didn’t want Cameron being the one to read some of them.
I wanted more letters. I wanted more of that four years they spent apart. But, you don’t always get what you want.

BUT with that ending, Lesley will hook a ton of more readers with these characters. Because I was so lost at that ending.


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