Clarity (Gabbie Duran)


Her world was shattered and broken.

Damaged … is how she viewed herself.

Untrustworthy … is how she viewed men.

Taylor never expected to open her heart to anyone. Nick is a player, in every sense of the word, but finds himself doing anything to earn her trust — including fighting the demons she harbors inside.

Is he the clarity she’s been seeking, or will her past push him away?

I LOVED the cover on this book. But guess what? It has NOTHING to do with this story. It’s totally irrelevant. Bummer.


This really could have been a great book of how a girl suffers a tragedy but essentially she comes out a survivor. However, the writing needed a lot of work and the characters needed to be much more developed. The story itself was also very rushed.

Taylor was unbearable to me from the get go. Her attitude and her remarks just weren’t cute in any way. When heroines come off that way to me right off the bat I can’t handle it. I feel like her character alone drug this book way down.


What drove me batty the most? Taylor mentions how she much she loves and needs coffee a few times TOO many. I get it. You love coffee.

I only lost 4 hours of my time with this one but I don’t foresee myself recommending this one anytime soon.


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