Burning Muses (JR Rogue)


I’ve burned muses.
I’ve felt little remorse.
I stored our tales.
I sold them for this life—
this luxury,
this ease.
Their sighs and lies
led me to believe they
enjoyed the dance too.
I’ve burned muses.
I laughed at those tales.
Then I met him.

Writing reviews is tough. It really honestly is. Do you be honest? Do you just sugar coat everything? Sometimes you read a book that you liked but found some quirks that you found rather distracting. It happens. Embrace it.

Burning Muses is JR Rogue’s debut novel. I have read quite a few first time author books and I notice the same thing every time: wordy-ness and over descriptiveness.

It’s the same story every time for me. The author uses so much detail and inner dialogue you literally know everything that character is feeling and thinking or even sometimes you can predict what they’re going to do. Some readers enjoy that. Some readers want to discover things on their own. I don’t judge either way. But I prefer to learn on my own.

“My words were only for Chace. He was in every one of them. I sang for him. I bled for him, and the vein was heavy.”

Sera. With her inner dialogue she was a character that was easy to figure out. She was witty and closed off and a very different character. However, she is an open book to the reader. You know everything, past present, and future and you know those things very vividly as you read along. Some things are irrelevant. Chace. I don’t how I feel about him because the first part was centered so much around Sera and her thoughts that I couldn’t dissect Chace for myself. But the epilogue semi made up for all of my misconceptions and lost thoughts of Chace.

The story line is great. And JR Rogue has a way with words. There’s no instalove. This love was a slow burning and slow sinking love. I appreciated the details for this aspect alone. The plot was hook, line, and sinker. I kept checking how much of the book was left and I would internally panic when I felt there wasn’t enough time in the book left. Solid ending. The last few chapters were so beautifully written.

“You hold this darkness deep inside your ribcage. I know how that feels. I have it too. It isn’t the same as yours, I know that, but your darkness is fucking blinding, Sera. It’s beautiful and it’s part of you. Use it.”

One word: POETRY. Yes!


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