Breaking Her (RK Lilley)



Typically I think I am blessed on a day to day basis. But when I received this ARC I just knew I did something right in my past life. Or maybe RK just got tired of me whining. Yeah, that’s probably it.

At the end of the first book, I didn’t know how my life would go on. WHAT? OMG! WHERE ARE MY ANSWERS? Don’t you worry, sweet child. Answers you shall get and some of them are whammy’s. Big ones. I went back and read my review on the first book and I can honestly say that all of my questions were answered. I feel as if RK did a superb job in her back tracking and making sure she covered everything and left no holes to be found.

My ONLY complaint you will hear from me about this book was how slow the first part (present time) was. It was very slow and dragging to me and I found myself wanting to be lost in the past time more than the present. I didn’t skim. I wanted to for a while but I didn’t. So that is all I will touch on the negative aspect of this book.

The relationship in this second book was still vicious and twisted and it was still mixed up with their explosive tempers. But Scarlett. I love her. I love her wit and I love her inner dialogue. I want to be just like her when I grow up. And can we talk about Dante’s redemption? I am just kidding, we can’t. Because spoilers. But let me just add this: it wasn’t just Dante who had a killer redemption. Nope. You will be surprised…

AND THAT ANGST. And the ENDING. OMG THAT ENDING. RK will rip you apart and give no sh*ts along the way. And I LOVE THAT.

What made this book (and series) so great was the fact that I still got my smut and my romance but at the same time I had to use my brain. I had to learn characters and memorize their actions and motives. It was just beautiful. And nothing screams beautiful quite like the forgiveness in this story. And RK’s creative writing. I dig it. I love it.


One thought on “Breaking Her (RK Lilley)

  1. YOU, got everything on point. From the questions answered to the twisted ass relationship that I kept rooting for, to the ending. R.K. Lilley is a fantastic storyteller. Great REVIEW!


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