Hush (EK Blair)

I’ve come to learn there is no escaping your past.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it will follow like a phantom–haunting you–reminding you.

Please don’t tell me I literally just waited a YEAR for this book and this is what I got. Is it a dream? Did I make it up? Is it a fairy tale? Please don’t tell me I just expected too much…

I think I honestly just expected way too much. I did, right?


The first 60% of this book was slow slow slow. I felt like it was redundant and dragging because the author had nothing new to write about. Just biding her time. *MOST* of this stuff could have easily fit into Echo rather than making readers wait a year.

Declan drove me batty. I couldn’t pick out one honest redeeming quality for him. His temperamental tendencies and his actions and controlling of all situations. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it all. It was actually a little bit TOO much. ELIZABETH! Where you at girl? Where was that BANG and ECHO Elizabeth? Not to mention I was very disappointed in the fact that Isla (which I grew to love in Echo) was not even in the picture in Hush. She could have played a huge role in this book I feel like.

I feel like EK just got tired of writing like we as readers got tired of waiting. I feel like everything was just thrown together and wrote out for us. I was so pumped for this book. A whole 365 days I was thinking about. The teasers. The excerpts. Then….


The ending. I can’t with it. I just can’t. I feel like the epilogue was a little TOO much. It was way too far out there. Basically, if you have read the books…I read Bang when it released. I read Echo when it release. I waited ONE YEAR for Hush and I got that ending and that epilogue. I actually laughed I think. I was unsatisfied and as a reader that sucks. Le Sigh.

Right now, I’m just………I’m



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