Easy Virtue (Mia Asher)


Love is selfish…

My name is Blaire.
I’m the bad girl.
The other woman.
The one who never gets the guy in the end.

I’m the gold digger.
The bitch.
The one no one roots for.
The one you love to hate.

I hate myself too…

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine?

You know, I loved Arsen. All of it. It was messy and raw and I obsessed over it. But Easy Virtue I’m extremely torn on. Let’s discuss…

For starters: say what you want but Blaire was terrible. Spending a whole book trapped inside her head was unbearable and so hard for me to even tolerate. It was like listening to nails on a chalkboard for 300+ pages straight. I have nothing good to say about her. Since I couldn’t stand her, I didn’t connect with her. I rolled my eyes at her more times than I laughed or sympathize for her. Were we even supposed to? How do you relate or sympathize for a person like her? Her inner dialogue was so back and forth to me. Do you want to be loved? Do you feel sorry for yourself? Oh, you want money and shoes and penthouses….I gotcha.


No Blaire, you’re just a confused girl who tries to play off being a hardass gold digger. It’s okay, girl.

I won’t go into the language and words that was used during the sex parts. *shivers*


Here’s what redeems this as a three star for me: Mia’s writing. It’s wonderful. The book alone is a fast and super quick read. The first 25% is a little slow but I breezed through it in no time (I read this in 3 hours). But Mia has superb writing that traps you in and to me, that’s how an author kicks ass at their job. So kudos for sure for that.

Oh and another redemption? Ronan. That’s right. Ronan got another team member.

There’s no angst. There’s not a huge plot line. But there’s lots of great sex if that counts for something to you. I skimmed those parts because “grazing his hard cock” just wasn’t too appealing to me. Also, the book is super short, so in my opinion Mia could have added more to the story thus concluding nobody having to wait FOUR years for the second book. Just saying….



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