Razorblade Kisses (RL Griffin) 


Her name is Emery Shaw…Emily Sanders…Emma Simpson. Her family was well off, she ran. They looked for her, she hid. They found her, she ran again. Tragedy strikes, she gets even. The fact is, she doesn’t know who she is, she tried to run, to hide and make a life for herself, but that backfired. No one knows her except her best friend, Rachel, if that’s even an adequate word for what they are to each other. Rachel helps her build a life for herself below the radar, which is fine until the unthinkable happens, knocking Em out of her unfeeling cocoon. When her house of cards comes tumbling down she runs again, until the one person who can change her mind finds her. **Due to adult situations, language and possible scenarios that may be difficult for some readers to take…take a breath before you start this one. It’s gritty and not pretty. Nothing is pretty here. Whiskey is a good thing.**

Okay, so the cover isn’t my favorite, I’ll admit it. BUT!!! What a great, written story. Just bravo. Especially since it’s the type of books I enjoy reading. You know the kind…where you hurt 80% of the time


The story line was eery and wonderful. I don’t think I got bored at any point throughout the story. The timeline made it feel like I spent all of these years with these characters. Emery was a well developed character. I feel like her strength was very well defined and her way of coping was very justified every time life knocked her a curve ball. Rachel stole the show. From the very first time emery met her I was so in love with her. They’re connection solidified my love for this story.

One thing I didn’t like. Sometimes an author gets you so attached to a character and I was attached to Noah. Very much. Maybe because I met him before Tim? I don’t know but I missed him. He was just…so great.

“Hope is a funny thing, because the feeling is unmatched, like nothing else, but when it’s dashed, it leaves you empty. When the world crushed the hope she had now, the promise of tomorrow whispered “try again” in her ear.”

NOAH guys. NOAH!! RL…I’m looking at you! His character was everything in this story.


Emotional books are the ones that I sway to. I’m just more drawn to them. I like feeling and I like being so drawn in and connected to well written characters and with Razorblade Kisses I felt like I got the whole package. So many feelings. Up then down. And it’s one hell of a journey.


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