Lost in Rewind (Tali Alexander)

Cover and blurb to come when revealed. 

One of my most anticipated reads this year was this book right here. I have loved Tali’s retro, 80’s music filled, emotional books over the last couple of years and this one was no different. Plus, Tali never disappoints me with her poignant writing style that just flows right off of the pages (or e-reader). And I mean, her wealthy knowledge of 80’s songs is just out of this world. Three books. No repeats. And yes, I went back and looked. Kudos.

I read a lot of romance. A LOT. It’s typically my go to genre. I will tell that to anybody. But Tali’s books just feel so different than most books that I read day-to-day. Yeah, it’s romance but it’s not like the typical fiction romance that has been circulating the 2010’s. The story line has a completely different feel to it. The characters are different. The whole setting and plot in general of all of her books are just different. Especially this one. The plot was unlike anything else I have read before.

I will be honest…there is insta-love. And I can’t typically deal with that BUT the “plot thickener” in the story makes it almost bearable to me. I didn’t mind it like I do with most books because everything was just electrifying and connecting. I could feel it all. And I did feel like I wanted more from Sara’s point of view. I feel like I had a some loose strands left still from Lies in Rewind but then I quickly realized that this was Jeff’s story. Sara had her turn.

Jeff’s part of the story was good in Lies in Rewind but his story completely blew me away in Lost in Rewind. I’ve always been a huge Jeff fan though. The swift pace of his story and the in-depth feelings that he expels within himself and with the other characters that surround him is just overwhelming on the best way.

Tali has delivered another story that was just a Total Eclipse of my Heart. The story flowed with such ease and comfortability, there is at least one relatable character for every one, and the amount of emotion that comes from all of these characters is just tremendous. Tali’s series has been so enjoyable to read and every one of them have delivered a different sense of ease to me.

So, I hope that when you guys read this book your hearts feel just as full as mine and your reading is just as enjoyable as mine has been. And if you just couldn’t wait for Jeff’s story at the end of Lies in Rewind I promise that you won’t be let down with this book.


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