Weightless (Kandi Steiner)


I remember the lights. 

I remember I wanted to photograph them, the way the red and blue splashed across his cold, emotionless face. But I knew even if my feet could move from the place where they had cemented themselves to the ground and I could run for my camera, I wouldn’t be able to capture that moment. 

I had trusted him, I had loved him, and even though my body had changed that summer, he’d made sure to help me hold on to who I was inside, regardless of how the exterior altered.

But then everything changed.
He stole my innocence. He scarred my heart. He took everything I thought I knew about my life and fast-pitched it out the window, shattering the glass that held my world together in the process.

I remember the lights.
The passionate, desperate, hot strikes of red. The harsh, cruel, icy bolts of blue.
They symbolized everything I endured
that summer.

And everything I would never face again.

Actually I would maybe give this book 2.5-3 stars, just to be clear. The blurb was a little exaggerating in my opinion.


I want to discuss the good things first. The cover, for one, is amazing and very fitting to the story especially in a certain part. The symbolism was there, I seen it. Also, the writing was very nice as well, it made for a quick and non-exhausting read. Willow. She was a GREAT secondary character and probably my favorite part of this whole book. Her quick wit and loving personality was so much fun to me.

So here’s the thing: Rhodes. He gave me whiplash. And his relationship with Natalie made me feel very awkward. For the both of them actually. It honestly felt like my first high school relationship. “Are you made at me?” “What’s wrong?” “Did I do something?” “Where are you going?” Natalie was almost too clingy and desperate and Rhodes was so hot and cold I couldn’t come up with a logical excuse as to what his deal was.

My biggest issue with this book was how it portrayed a man making a woman love herself. To validate herself. To find her self-worth. I couldn’t agree with that. It happens in two instances (with Mason & Rhodes) and I could barely stomach it. The all around message of this book about being weightless was well developed but the big picture of it wasn’t and it didn’t sit well with me.


The cover caught my eye, the prologue hooked me, but Rhodes lost me. I connected at some parts with Natalie but I couldn’t connect with Rhodes and I felt zero attraction towards him. I’m used to being the minority so I hope that anyone else who picks up this book enjoys it. I think it was just lacking in the depth and story line department for me.


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