Knot (M. Mabie)


He knows everything.
She has all the damn answers.

I’ve always been a free spirit. It’s my nature.
I crave control, but with her it’s far more.

He’s a power hungry climber.
Her wealth could buy and sell me.

It’s too much pressure being the center of anyone’s focus.
She underestimates my desire for her, my need to please just her.

When he’s vulnerable, it’s hard to deny him.
Her crooked smile cripples me.

He hides his demons, but I’m no fool.
She thinks not committing to anyone makes her more honest. She’s wrong.

A man like him deserves someone who can offer that kind of love.
She promises nothing, yet I feel like a king when she says my name.

I never let anyone possess me like he did. Not before. Not after.
My greatest regret was compromising. I should have never held back.

Still, when we’re apart I’m not myself.
I miss the days when she was just down the hall.

He’s better off without me, and it hurts.
The ugly truth is I need her more than she needs me.

Our relationship was born out of lust and curiosity.
The lies we told ourselves killed it.

Together, we found Nirvana.
We learned it was all a mirage.

I ruined him.
I broke her heart.

I keep coming back.
I can’t let her go.

I feel like 3.5 is a fair enough rating for this. It’s not terrible either. I feel like three stars can be very strong ratings.


But my underlying issues with this book was more so the instalove. With as long as the book is, I felt like Reggie and Nora could have packed in quite a bit more time getting to know each other. Which in turn, could have led to a much more emotional read.

Instalove is a hit or miss for me. Sometimes it makes or breaks a book and sometimes it doesn’t. It was hard for me to catch on to the relationship with this one.

I hardly felt a spark of connection to the characters or the storyline. I just felt like it could have been…more. I didn’t quite understand why the climax was such a big deal to Nora and why things escalated like that did.

I did like the ending. I liked the last sentence. I got goosebumps. And I love Mo. I just feel like this one will be a hit or miss to a lot of her fans.

So, if you want a read that has a sexy alpha and some drama and angst (not too much) and a head strong female lead then this is a great book to pick up. I would totes recommend it.



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