Feyness (E. S. Carter)


I don’t see dead people.
I see you.
I see every incarnation of you.
I see the history of your soul.
I can see your aura soaked in the blood of your previous lives.
Most people are inherently good or evil.
Some flit between darkness and light.
Few can change the fabric of their essence; it’s a fight that most are too weak to win.
He was once darkness.
An evil so pure that his very soul is black and yet I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
Some days, I feel like I am drowning, the waves of my feelings stealing the very air from my lungs.
Other days, I feel nothing at all.
I’m unsure which is worse; gasping for air or dying from this thirst.
Can you learn to breathe underwater when you find someone worth drowning for?

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I don’t even know how to write a “nice” review on this one without spoiling the whole book. I will aim for “professional” though. This just wasn’t for me. That’s what I am going to go with. It might be for you or you or your sister or aunt. I’m upset because with a cover like this one I expected so much more. It’s such a beautiful cover. That’s the only good thing I can say about it.

What genre even is this book? Paranormal? Dark? Alpha? I am not sure but the fact that the main character can “see” certain things through her eyes and through others takes away any aspect of realism that this author wants to portray. Especially for me. These “visions” either made me laugh or made me question what was really wrong with Faye. This also deduced it from being a “dark” read for me.


I’m usually one for some dark characters into some freaky things but with the way the scenes and dialogue were written I couldn’t take any of it seriously. The words choices, descriptions, I just couldn’t with it. The story line itself was mediocre and so scattered. I didn’t feel like there was any consistency with the way the author wanted the story to go. It’s like one minute she wanted it to go one way and then she blinked and she wanted it to go another way.

It was a short read but would therefore explain the forced “love and attraction” that the author wrote. And Cole was supposed to be this big and dark alpha but he was so back and forth I felt like he was just a big joke and I was forever waiting for the punch line. Not to mention Cole was not one of my favorite characters I have read here lately. In my opinion he was legitimately lacking in some departments.


If you feel like you WANT to read a dark book but you actually really don’t and you want to experience a quick, choppy, and rushed story this one is a good choice for you. I was a sucker for a pretty cover. That’s all I got.


Break My Heart (Esther M Soto)


Ileana Harper is focused on her future with Tommy Colton, the man she fought so hard to get back to, but not everything is at it seems. Unable to confide in Tommy, Ileana holds tight to her last shred of sanity, struggling with inner demons that could jeopardize their relationship and her career with the FBI. Through it all, Ileana is intent on moving onward and never looking back.

Too bad the past won’t stay in the past.

Tommy Colton’s love for Ileana Harper kept hope for her safe return alive in his heart. Now, with Ileana by his side and his new job as a DEA agent, Tommy’s life is finally complete — until a stranger appears, threatening to destroy their bond and tear them apart.

Once again, Tommy might lose Ileana; perhaps this time forever.

They say love conquers all…but sometimes fate has other plans.
What if the past becomes our future?

I have waited and waited and waited for this book. Patiently. Not so patiently. I’ve WAITED.


The first 30%…SLOW. It was. I wanted to skim and get to all of the good and juicy stuff. I wanted to get to more Will and less Tommy. But I didn’t rush through it and I’m so happy that I didn’t. That slow build up in the beginning was worth it because once you hit around 45% the story takes off and from there you won’t want to put the book down.

So, luckily Break My Heart picks up just a little bit before where Hold My Heart leaves off. I’ll admit, I was disappointed about the way some of things turned out, especially with certain characters and I did notice that when I finished the book there was some open plot holes that made me wonder if a third installment will be added, just to answer some of the unanswered questions I had.

Yo let me add this too: there’s a ton of sex in this one but DON’T WORRY! The scenes were perfectly written and not dramatic or over done and no gross words were used to describe any body organ or any certain “action” so A+ I my grade book.


I struggled understanding the way Tommy and Harper’s relationship was building in the beginning of the story and in what direction it was going but I feel like by 80% the author made me a huge understanding Tommy fan and to me that’s important because in book one, he wasn’t my pick. So knowing that Tommy was so well written especially enough for me to start developing an attachment to him, I’m happy. That makes me happy.


Like I said at the beginning: I have been waiting for this book. For almost two years. And Esther executed the conclusion to a wonderful two part series. The writing, the plot, the twists, they all came together and made my wait worth it. Great writing and story telling takes time and Esther can make me wait as long as she wants to every time. I’ll be here. Waiting.

Art & Soul by Brittainy Cherry


I had always been the invisible art student in high school.
Passed by. Glossed over. Unnoticed.
Now I was Aria Watson… that girl.

After one bad decision, and being labeled a slut, I was no longer unseen. I was the whore. The ignoramus. The tramp.
I would never be invisible again.

Particularly to Levi Myers. He was the odd boy with the beautiful soul who accepted and understood the broken girl inside me.

Falling in love wasn’t the plan. But how could I resist his promises of hope? Of forgiveness? Of a future I had stopped dreaming of?

We were shattered. We were scarred. We were something strange and beautiful.

We were two lost souls holding on to the only thing that could keep us together.

Each other.

“I love you until the end”

Maybe Brittainy just has a way with me? Maybe she’s just a talented writer who crafts and molds words to make you feel something other than the every day things you encounter? Or the things you try to shy away from? What I do know is she doesn’t ever let me down when I need a book to hit me where it hurts.


“She was the rainbow to my everlasting thunderstorms.”

To me there are different types of “five star reads”. There’s the fast paced ones that are so full of angst and drama I curl into the fetal position. Then there is the soul crushing and world shattering books that you can’t help but love to read. Then I feel like there the “small but fierce” reads that are so powerful you just stare into the blankness for hours and think “WOW”. This book is all of those things. It’s all of the things that is good and all of the things that makes me want to five star it and love it until the end.


So not only was this book emotionally charged and jam packed full of all around great characters with great growth, this book was thought provoking. More like a “what would you do?” type of book. Because you could fit in or relate to any of these characters.

Levi. What a character. So diverse from any that I have read even to this day. SO. MUCH. DEPTH. Not just Levi but everything about this book was so deep. From Abigail to Aria to the plot of the whole story. It was just engulfing and overpowering.


“We were two lost souls holding onto the only thing that could keep us together.

Each other.”

If you want a book that has a honest and compromising and strong building friendship pick this up. If you want to experience some new found “emotions” pick this up. I dare Brittainy Cherry to write a book I don’t like. It won’t ever happen. As long as she writes with her heart and soul and uses her gift to form stories that mold humans into weeping and bawling babies I’ll be there one clicking her books.

That Which Destroys Me (Kimber S. Dawn)


A beautiful, enchanting story of love, happiness—*Record needle scratches across vinyl*
I’m just f==king with you. Love, happiness, and fairy tales… Yeah, they don’t live here anymore.

The only things residing amongst these thin and baren walls are Dominance, submission, and twisted obsession.
Stella gets knocked down over and over throughout her life… Though she is bloodied and battered she stands back up every single time, smirks and nods before asking, “That all you got?”.
Wesley has shoved his way through the rich life with both middle fingers up. He’s also shoved his way through half of the socialite population, but all that vanilla lifestyle has left him a starved man.

He knows he can’t keep his Dom fed with kinky little masochistic vanilla’s anymore.
On his mission to find the perfect sub, Wesley stumbles across a broken, shattered angel, only to find when she comes up swinging, that this little angel knows how to fight.

He wants to be the one who breaks her…
But it’s not a question of who breaks her, the question is who destroys her.

I’m really conflicted when it came to review this book and “starring” it on Goodreads. Part of my immensely enjoyed this book and part of me didn’t and I’m really torn because I don’t know how to explain any of it and that’s frustrating to me. I came up with three stars but only because I thought about this book all stinkin’ night long.


Like all books, I go in blind. I pick a book and start reading. I don’t read blurbs and I would prefer it to stay like that. They give too much away. I would highly recommend that with this book IF you feel like reading it.

The book was decent and it had a very catching story line. There were some grammatical errors, spelling errors, typos, etc. but the plot of the story was very riveting. Especially the little “plot twist” the author throws in there. I did enjoy the ending. It’s not necessarily a “normal” type of ending.

I wasn’t too crazy about the characters LOL. Stella was just a hot mess and Wesley was the driver of the hot mess express that Stella was a first class member of. The first 60% was just mediocre dark stuff going on but once you hit that last 40% you need to get a trash can or something because it’s so dark you might spew your dinner. Which again freaks me out because…I kind of liked that.

Like, am I supposed to feel dirty because I might have maybe just a little bit liked what was going on between Wesley and Stella? Ugh, like I said, I don’t know how to feel but I know that I probably need to take a shower to rinse off my filth.


Basically this book is like a terrible, reoccurring nightmare that just represses every single night. I couldn’t look away from the mess and yet, I didn’t even want too. It’s a short read so I finished in about 4 hours max but that was enough to make me want to scrub my eyeballs out with soap.

Also, here is my disclaimer: if you are sensitive or emotional it’s probably best you DON’T read this book.

Fear of Falling (S. L. Jennings)


I can’t remember the last time I felt completely safe. Security seemed more like a luxury to me, reserved for those who were fortunate enough to have picture perfect childhoods. For those who didn’t bear the ugly scars that keep me bound in constant, debilitating fear. I’ve run from that fear my entire life. But when I met him, for once, I couldn’t run anymore.

He scared the hell out of me in a way that excited every fiber of my being. It wasn’t the tattoos or the piercings. It wasn’t the warmth that seemed to radiate from his frame and blanket me whenever he was near. It was just…him. The scary beautiful man that threatened to alter 23 years of routine and rituals, and make me face my crippling fear.

My name is Kami and I am constantly afraid. And the thing that scares me the most is the very thing I want.

Im just going to be honest: the books that are gritty, emotional, dark, angsty, disturbing, whatever else you can think of are my all time most favorite things to read in this world. And this one was pretty raw.


First I need to clear the air and make it known that Blaine Jacobs has moved into one of my all time favorite book boyfriend slots. Blaine was a solid fucking character (excuse my language) and he was just SWOON. Well wrote. Well played. And we’ll developed. (Because duh, he grew too. Not only Kami.) Okay, let’s move on.

I feel like I’ve been sucker punched. How can something so good hurt so bad? I don’t know either but I like it. It never gets old to me. Call me a glutton for punishment. Masochist. Whatever. I love it. And when you have good writing and well developed characters it adds the icing to the already yummy cake you’re devouring.

There is a lot of back and forth going on in this book but it wasn’t enough to discourage or disconnect me from the storyline or the characters. It just helped with the emotional roller coaster that was developing inside of me and ALL OF THE ANGST.


My only complaint is the epilogue. I was frustrated because they could take this story so much further but ugh. I’m just left wanting more with none to actually take.

This story is emotional. You will feel some sort of pain and you will feel Kami’s pain. But not just Kami’s. You’ll feel Blake’s, Dom’s, Angel’s. All of them. And that’s what made this book so good. To me, it wasn’t centered on just Kami but every one around her. How they mold and grow and shape to help not only her but each other.

Infinity + One (Amy Harmon)

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When two unlikely allies become two unwitting outlaws, will two unforgettable lovers defy unbeatable odds?

Bonnie Rae Shelby is a superstar. She’s rich. She’s beautiful. She’s impossibly famous. And Bonnie Rae Shelby wants to die.

Finn Clyde is a nobody. He’s broken. He’s brilliant. He’s impossibly cynical. And all he wants is a chance at life.

One girl. One boy. An act of compassion. A bizarre set of circumstances. And a choice – turn your head and walk away, or reach out your hand and risk it all?

With that choice, the clock starts ticking on a man with a past and a girl who can’t face the future, counting down the seconds in an adventure riddled with heartbreak and humor, misunderstanding and revelation. With the world against them, two very different people take a journey that will not only change their lives, but may cost them their lives as well.

Infinity + One is a tale of shooting stars and fame and fortune, of gilded cages and iron bars, of finding a friend behind a stranger’s face, and discovering love in the oddest of places.

This is super strange for me because I have never rated an Amy Harmon book less than 3 stars. I’m not sure I know how to do this…

First, I want to start with the good. In true Amy fashion, Infinity + One contained exceptional writing. Prose, poetry, humor. It was truly amazing writing which I don’t expect anything less from Amy. No matter what sort of book she writes.


But here’s the thing, the story was slow. And for as slow as the story was, Finn and Bonnie fell in love in a faster amount of time. So, insta-love. Which means I in know way believed in their “love”. That’s the thing with romance stories. You have to make the reader fall in love with the characters that you are making fall in love with each other. But, during a majority of the book I just felt lost and dis-connected. Like I was walking in circles.

Stories are hard for a reader when they can’t connect to a character. They struggle. They get bored. They lose interest. And while I had no connection (or even a want to) to Bonnie I did connect with Finn. I feel like he was the strongest point of Amy’s story.

Okay so if I’m being 100% honest, Bonnie Rae drove me NUTS. Absolutely crazy. That’s the only nice way I know to say it


I didn’t believe in Bonnie and Clyde but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in Amy Harmon. I know I can always count on her when I need some good writing in my soul.

Author Anonymous (EK Blair)


A TRUE STORY told through the voice of New York Times Bestselling author E.K. Blair.

She’s an author.
She’s a mother.
She’s a wife.
She’s a fraud.

A woman marked and bound by her own deceit, this is the astounding tale of how one choice knocked her world from its axis forcing her to battle through a year of scandal and betrayal, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

This is an intoxicatingly risqué stand-alone true story tangled in lust, heartbreak, and contrition.

I am not even quite sure where to start with this so I am going to try my best. I understand that this is someone’s story and I understand that they confided in EK Blair to put these words into a story and I respect that, absolutely I do but that doesn’t mean I understand it or the story line of the book.


I am all over the place with Author Anonymous. These type of books are usually a hit or miss for me. I have read some really good ones and I have read some disappointing ones. I can’t seem to ever enjoy the ones where the heroine has no rhyme or reason as to why she does what she does. I can’t ever come up with any justification or reason why she would do the things that she does in this story and as readers I feel like the author needs to make us feel for that main character. But I didn’t. I felt for Landon… I felt for Brooke… but I felt nothing for the main character in the book and to me that was a huge let down.

Books like this one and the subject matter that the author touches on is very hard for me to hop on board with. With me saying that I want to clarify. I am not saying EK didn’t write her heart out on this one because she did as well as the heart of another individual but I just wasn’t emotionally invested in it. My level of empathy for Tori was actually below E. And when you can’t connect to the story line or the character it’s really hard to enjoy the book.

This is 2/2 that EK Blair has let me down with her endings. I felt like this ending was just left way too wide open. Maybe that was her point but for me as a reader I was just left with frustration as to why Tori did what she did. AGAIN. And it’s a standalone? UGH.


I really wish I could go into more detail about the things that I had a hard time with during this book but I feel like that would take away from other readers and I never want to do that. I hope every one reads this book for themselves because I love to see the different opinions on topics such as this one. I just felt like this was another book that made me want to scream at the characters to COMMUNICATE.