Old Wounds (N. K. Smith)


Sent to live with her estranged father, troubled seventeen year Sophia Young is biding her time until school is over and freedom is hers. But running from her painful past is not as easy as she was expecting, especially after meeting a kindred spirit in Elliott Dalton, the shy, withdrawn son of a prominent doctor.

In the first novel of the series, they are paired together in therapy; a seemingly unlikely pair who have nothing in common.

Or do they?

For Sophia and Elliott are about to learn that appearances can be deceiving.

Another case of bad cover good book.

I feel like most people have a pretty closed off mind when it comes to high school and drinking/drugs or anxiety or being promiscuous but if you ever wanted to open that closed mind of yours I feel like this book portrayed what it’s like perfectly.


And did you know that this was originally a fanfic? the more you know!

Anyways, the writing in this book blew me away. For something that many people portray as YA, I certainly didn’t feel it. And that was okay to me! That made the story much more interesting to me. And as far as the characters go, I couldn’t ask for anything better than what I had with Elliot and Sophie. They were both such great characters who had such a story that needed to be heard.

Elliot is broken. But he’s such a strong character. Sophie is broken. But she’s such a force to be reckoned with. The secondary characters. What is their story? I loved them. I need more.


This book wasn’t your typical girl and boy in high school story. The cheating boyfriend or back stabbing friend. It went way deeper than all of that. It’s dark and gritty and it was just real. This is what it’s like, folks!

I’m blown away that this was the authors first work. Utterly blown away. Their writing was just flawless in my opinion. Not to mention I’m a full on paid member of the AngstWhore club so that definitely sealed the deal.


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