Feyness (E. S. Carter)


I don’t see dead people.
I see you.
I see every incarnation of you.
I see the history of your soul.
I can see your aura soaked in the blood of your previous lives.
Most people are inherently good or evil.
Some flit between darkness and light.
Few can change the fabric of their essence; it’s a fight that most are too weak to win.
He was once darkness.
An evil so pure that his very soul is black and yet I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
Some days, I feel like I am drowning, the waves of my feelings stealing the very air from my lungs.
Other days, I feel nothing at all.
I’m unsure which is worse; gasping for air or dying from this thirst.
Can you learn to breathe underwater when you find someone worth drowning for?

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I don’t even know how to write a “nice” review on this one without spoiling the whole book. I will aim for “professional” though. This just wasn’t for me. That’s what I am going to go with. It might be for you or you or your sister or aunt. I’m upset because with a cover like this one I expected so much more. It’s such a beautiful cover. That’s the only good thing I can say about it.

What genre even is this book? Paranormal? Dark? Alpha? I am not sure but the fact that the main character can “see” certain things through her eyes and through others takes away any aspect of realism that this author wants to portray. Especially for me. These “visions” either made me laugh or made me question what was really wrong with Faye. This also deduced it from being a “dark” read for me.


I’m usually one for some dark characters into some freaky things but with the way the scenes and dialogue were written I couldn’t take any of it seriously. The words choices, descriptions, I just couldn’t with it. The story line itself was mediocre and so scattered. I didn’t feel like there was any consistency with the way the author wanted the story to go. It’s like one minute she wanted it to go one way and then she blinked and she wanted it to go another way.

It was a short read but would therefore explain the forced “love and attraction” that the author wrote. And Cole was supposed to be this big and dark alpha but he was so back and forth I felt like he was just a big joke and I was forever waiting for the punch line. Not to mention Cole was not one of my favorite characters I have read here lately. In my opinion he was legitimately lacking in some departments.


If you feel like you WANT to read a dark book but you actually really don’t and you want to experience a quick, choppy, and rushed story this one is a good choice for you. I was a sucker for a pretty cover. That’s all I got.


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