Back to Yesterday (Whitney Barbetti)


The distance from Colorado to Maine is not far enough to escape the memories.
The time I’ve been away is not long enough to heal the pain.

I left Colorado, determined to discover who I am outside of my grief, but I fell apart along the way.
I’m lost again.

When Jude follows me, I can’t turn him away. But I can’t let him in, either.
Not all the way.

I know when he finds out my secret, the one I keep hidden in the darkest part of my heart, he’ll leave me.


Like I was before.

Whitney is one of my “go-to” authors so I was very excited to know that her follow up for Into the Tomorrows was quickly releasing. I received an early copy and I was ecstatic. But, it just didn’t live up to my expectations. It wasn’t quite the story I was looking for for Trista and Jude after ITT.


First, I want to touch on Whitney’s writing. Which was a very strong aspect for me with this read. The poise and creativeness she evokes out of her readers is absolutely amazing. If you don’t want to feel vulnerable, don’t you worry! She will drag that right out of you. You don’t want to feel a certain feeling? That’s okay, she will make you feel it anyways. I feel like when I am reading her books, some lovely words just flitter into my brain and make their home and hatch more beautiful words. The touch of poetry in BTT was fascinating as well and also some great additions to the story.

Jude was another strong point for me. His character was just so…deep. Mysterious. I felt so connected and drawn to him and Whitney’s way of writing him into these books and the way she portrayed him was a huge part in that.

I just didn’t like the direction she went with this book. Especially with Trista. I just couldn’t bring myself to jump on board and engulf myself with the story line that Back to Yesterday followed. Plus, I felt dizzy with myself because the past and present times were so close to each other that I kept getting mixed up. One chapter she was meeting Jude during one year and the next chapter she was meeting Jude in the next year.


I didn’t feel that WANT for Trista and Jude to be brought back together. I thought that by the end of ITT I would feel that yearning feeling for them but, I didn’t. Everything with them was “rushed” and instant per se in the first book with them. Almost easy and comfortable. So why when they first see each other again (during the “present” time) was everything so…..bleh. I hope that makes sense. I will try better at explaining as time progresses.

Bottom line is, I adore Whitney. I adore her writing and creativity. This book just didn’t sit well with me. Maybe it was because it wasn’t what I expected. Maybe I was thrown off guard. Maybe I was bored. Maybe the subject matter she took on just overwhelmed me.

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