She, the Kingdom


Sex, love, loyalty, and betrayal. 

Not in that order.

I actually really enjoyed this book. Despite the wacky and weird story line and “predicament” that Morgan is faced with, I thoroughly enjoyed reading She, The Kingdom. I don’t read blurbs but this one actually sold me.

Although some of the things were a little too rushed and instantaneous for me, I couldn’t put the book down. Let me explain why…


For a debut author, this writing was off the charts. I’m talking incredible. It wasn’t boring it wasn’t over detailed and dramatic. It flowed so nicely I could not stop reading no matter what was happening.

The story line is…for lack of a better word strange and different. But I’m not one to judge because I devoured it nonetheless.

I don’t usually like reading books that will have a sequel BUT GIVE IT TO ME NOW. I’m watching you Olivian. You haven’t met me yet but once you do you will realize I’m like a disease you can’t rid of.



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