Accidentally on Purpose (LD Davis)


Emmy thinks her boss Kyle Sterling is a dick. She does the unthinkable after a night of drinking and sleeps with him.

She tries to put the enormous mistake behind her, but Kyle mercilessly pursues Emmy despite her new relationship with Luke Kessler and Kyle’s long-standing girlfriend Jessyca.

When Emmy’s resistance begins to crack, she makes a series of bad decisions that result in heartbreaking, life-altering, and even devastating consequences. 

I’m so frustrated with this book. Okay, I actually stayed frustrated through out the whole thing. It was a train wreck. And not the good kind. Well, I guess it was a decent kind because I couldn’t look away.

Emmy was the worst narrator and I am a reader that enjoys an unreliable one. But she was so annoying. And all of the information she left out was mind boggling.


Like, this is important information do not exclude this from me. Don’t be selfish, Emmy! And she makes the worst decisions, lets face it. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle…he was terrible. Straight across the board, he was probably the only consistent character because he was so terrible. He could have conducted the hot mess express. And Luke was just what us women look for in every book.

I was actually surprised at the amount of conflict and stress these three main characters created for me. It was a lot. There’s also a lot of sex which has become a huge turn off for me this past year so I don’t think the timing was right for me to pick this up.

Emmy. Always screwing shit up. GIRL..


The twist is way down there in story, towards the end but it was still a little out there LOL I was just like….WHAAAT?

It was just all over the place. The consistency was scarce and the drama was high. Not even interesting drama. Just drama that was flung into the story every now and then and in turn it created a story that was very predictable. I’ll be skipping book two. And three.


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