The Funhouse (Dean Koontz)


Once there was a girl who ran away and joined a traveling carnival. She married a man she grew to hate–and gave birth to a child so monstrous that she killed it with her own hands. Twenty-five years later, she has a new life and two normal children. But her past still haunts her–and now the carnival is coming back to town…


Not a terrible book but not an absolutely stunning book either. I can remember reading this when I was about 14 or 15 and being so creeped out by all of it and now I am older and definitely not creeped out I did realize that the writing was incredible. I felt like Dean Koontz built up this incredibly eerie story line and got us all hyped up for an epic climax but at the end it all just fell flat. Like, it was a complete backfire. It wasn’t how I expected to feel at the end of the book and I was just left asking more questions.

I have to praise him on his writing alone though. I read the hardback the last half and listened to the audio the first half and both displayed such wonderful writing. He definitely has a skill of crafting very nice pictures in your head and wonderful words for your eyes.

But I am going to throw this out there. TIE UP YOUR LOOSE ENDS, GOOD SIR. Jesus.


Needless to say, all of the ingredients for a gripping and terrifying story are there but ultimately at the end it all went down the drain. The character development was just poor and I yawned at the end. But, I wasn’t bored throughout the rest of the story. So I have to hand it to him for that.



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