Background Music (J. R. Rogue)


“You’re more than background music for someone else’s life.”

It’s the message that will change everything.
The message Kat Roberts receives from a man she’s never met.
The message no one else is supposed to see but her.
The message that leads to the greatest violence
against her body she will ever know.

Nothing screams out to me more as a reader than an author who shows tremendous growth in his/her writing. Background Music was no exception and the beauty in J. R. Rogue’s writing transformed into the most beautiful, blossoming flower.

“It was all background music, and the song being written between our lips was more.”

I didn’t connect well with the story line, the constant back and forth and the past and the present POV’s were almost too much for me. I didn’t connect with Andrew or Reese but I did connect with the writing. It sucked me in beginning at page one. And as a writer that’s the smartest thing to do to reel your readers in. I knew in that instant that the authors writing had transformed since Burning Muses.


I feel like a proud mother right now. Like, I’m grinning ear to ear at the growth J. R. Rogue has shown in this novel alone. I’m so excited for her future work whether it’s poetry or a novel or a grocery list.


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