Marriage Games (CD Reiss)


That’s all Adam Steinbeck demands of his wife.
Thirty days in a remote cottage, doing everything he demands. After that, he’ll sign her divorce papers and give her complete ownership of their company.

That’s how long he has to rediscover the man he once was. The Dominant Master he hid when he fell in love with her five years ago.

She wants the business they built badly enough to go to the cottage for a month. Cut off ties to the world and do his bidding. She can submit to him with her body, but her heart will never yield.

She thinks this is his pathetic attempt to repair their marriage.

She’s wrong.

I felt like Marriage Games was all over the place. The past tense POV’s jumped around and it wasn’t consistent at all. Not to mention they were short and brief. I just didn’t see where a lot of the past was playing into the future we were reading about. Maybe I should read the second book. But let’s face it, I probably won’t.


The book started out so well. The author’s writing is very clean and straightforward and easy to power through. I felt like the progress I was making was very significant. I really liked the author’s intentions and story line with Marriage Games but by the time I got halfway through the book it all fell out for me.

The last 40% the characters stayed the same. Stuck. Their mannerisms, thoughts, actions. All the same and all very predictable. Adam became someone completely different and completely out of left field. Probably even further than left field. And then Diana came out of right field and their actions made me dizzy in the head.


Basically I’m missing a lot of information. There’s a lot of back and forth that I just can’t place in the story. I hope that for the readers sake, the author clears up all of the plot holes and back and forth in the second book.


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