The Unexpected Way of Falling in Love (Jessica Sorensen)


I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s brother for years. Which wouldn’t be a problem, if he wasn’t such a cocky jerk.
It’s okay, though. My crush is based on shallowness, a simple attraction, so my heart isn’t at risk of getting broken.
Well, that is until my best friend decides she needs to teach her brother a lesson and take his cockiness down a notch. Her plan: I’ll get Carter to fall in love with me and then break his heart. At first I’m not fully on board with her plan, not only because it seems cruel, but I also highly doubt Carter will fall in love with me.

But then Carter does something that pushes me over the edge and I decide to go through with it.
Not only does the plan work, but Carter ends up being different from the cocky jerk I thought he was. At least I think so.

But not everything is as it seems.

Carter has secrets too. Secrets that could ruin my life.

Suddenly, I’m not sure who’s playing who anymore.

Jessica is my girl. She is my angsty author. My anxiety writer. Very rarely do I pick up a book by Jessica Sorensen that I don’t like. The same applies for this book. I didn’t hate it, it just sort of lacked in the fantastic department for me. But I will be anxiously awaiting her next book in the series.

Image result for so so gif

The cover for The Unexpected Way of Falling in Love is incredible but unfortunately it’s a little misleading. They don’t look like high school kids to me. I am drawn to more than just the cover though. I like how Jessica puts out these books (and a lot of them) but they are all so different from one another. Her quality is amazing.

My complaint is the pace of the story. If there is going to be a series, I feel as though you can slow things down and space things out for your readers. Just like with Jessica’s earlier work. There are a lot of books so her stories are more spaced out and they have an all around nice tempo.

I’ll be excited to see where Jessica takes Carter and Ensley’s story. With Jessica Sorensen, there is just no telling.


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