All the Way (M. Mabie)


I’m a man’s man. A bro. A pal. A dude. And I love women.

Am I a saint? Far from it.

Do I go out with a lot of women? You’re damn right.

I date them all. Shy. Loud. Too busy. Lonely. High maintenance. No confidence. No filter. Bad habits. Naive. Beautiful ones. Pretty ones—and believe me there is a difference, but that’s another soap box. Point is, I don’t discriminate.

What do I get out of it? Knowledge. I want to be prepared, adept, and ready.

I might find the perfect woman for me today or a few years from now, but I won’t stop until I do. Then when The One comes along, I’ll be ready to go the distance.

Ready to go all the way.

I’m Cord Taylor, and, lady of my dreams, I’m coming for you.

Every time M. Mabie releases a new book I remember the reasons why I love her and her stories. They’re easy for me. They’re so fun to sit down and just…read. I feel like when I read a M. Mabie book I am actually experiencing it all right there with all of the characters. I’m lost in another place and I am never in any rush to leave said place.

The character dynamic between Dana and Cord was incredible. They just…mesh. And when two characters mesh, you fall in love with said characters and book that much more. It makes the struggle and developing relationship that much more real.

Cord was a very attractive heroine to me. He was vulnerable and real and raw and he was persistent but not like, annoying persistent. I can also say the same about Dana. Another cool thing with All the Way was the fact that M. Mabie constructed secondary characters that can easily spin off into their own stories. Their own cool and interesting stories. In fact, I am requesting that right now Mo. Don’t forget it either.

“She was talking to me but all I could hear were the motherfucking fireworks.”

All the Way is a great book to pick up if you’re looking for something that packs just enough sexy and just enough love and witty characters. With Mo’s crafty and effortless humor and writing, I am consistently blown away, one book after another.


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