Crown of Lies (Pepper Winters)

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Since I ran away for the night, danced in New York streets, and almost got killed in an alley by two thieves. Until he showed up and saved me.

Since I threw a drink at the man my father expected me to marry, then found myself slammed against a wall with Penn Everett’s seductive voice whispering a proposal I couldn’t refuse.

To fall into hate with the man who reminded me of so many things and hid so much behind his lies. He couldn’t be the man who saved me three years ago…but there’s something so familiar…

For our relationship to switch from no-strings to marriage. He announced it to my father—he’s ecstatic. He told my friends—they’re shocked. But he didn’t ask me, he commanded me—and I’m livid.

For his lies to slowly steal my heart and make me believe, hope…trust.

For his truth to destroy me.

The coolest thing about Pepper Winters is that she is a damn good writer. I have read a few of her other books and I have been utterly blown away by the how she can not only tell a story but WRITE the story. Crown of Lies was no exception. She makes this pacing a craft and turns it into a black hole we all fall down and want more and more and more but HAHA LOL cliffy because yep…this is a duet. I started this book Monday night and before I knew it, I had 72% of the book already read! Time flies when the book is good.

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Let’s talk story-line. So, the story isn’t phenomenal or anything. You’ve probably read the same story before but I feel like it’s typical Pepper Winter’s. There was actually a small percentage of the book where I felt like it was drastically going to go downhill but ultimately Pepper saved the book with Stewie and an accident. That’s all I will say. That’s when I got suckered right back in.

The characters in Crown of Lies were honestly not what I expected. Especially a couple of them, they completely blindsided me. I also didn’t think I would give two turds about Elle and even Penn but in the end, I really did. I was right there with her trying to figure this insane puzzle out. 

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So….there is sex in this book. A L O T. But it’s Pepper Winters so I feel like I need to make an exception for her. And I did…three times. After that I was good on the dirty talk and obscenities. You can skim it, you’ve probably read it all before. Multiple times.

All in all, Crown of Lies was a wonderfully written and mysterious story that will actually probably surprise you with its well-developed plot, captivating story-line and very dynamic characters as well as secondary characters. I actually can’t wait to get my mitts on the second part of the duet. I’m eager to see just how far Penn has gone or if he is even “gone”. Who is he? Where is he from? WHO ARE YOU?


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