The Evolution of Ivy: Antidote (Lauren Campbell)


“It should have been easier.

I changed everything. Became the beauty I didn’t think he’d resist. Lived the lie I thought he could love.

I sacrificed my soul to recover the years that she took from us, yet I’m still empty-handed.

But he’s mine. I’ve earned him. It’s time to collect my prize, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone come between us this late in the game.

If only I’d known my greatest obstacle would be me.”

Listen. I’m a huge fan of Lauren’s work and her individually and I’m also a huge fan of Ivy and Brooks. The first book in this duet was INSANE! But it was a good type of insane. It was an insane that entertained me and kept me flipping pages all through the night. But let’s just cut to the chase with this book, Antidote…


It was exhausting. That is the only way I can think of putting it, honestly. If it wasn’t about Ivy coming up with ways to be a damsel in distress for Brooks’ attention it was about Brooks internally telling himself over and over again NOT to sleep with Ivy. Not to be with Ivy. Ultimately, I’m a smart reader, I get it. And personally, I really loved Brooks in the first book, Poison. And besides him constantly talking to himself internally, he was still my favorite.

Where was my OG Ivy at? The determined one? The one who fought with teeth and nail and didn’t have to resort to petty actions? The one who KNEW what she wanted and how she wanted it. Bring her back because “oh pity me…oh pay attention to me Brooks…oh help me Brooks!” wasn’t cutting it for me. GIRL, WHERE ARE YOU!? The one in the first book seemed like a completely different character than the one in the second. And I didn’t even see the growth. It sort of just…happened.


This book still has fantastic writing. I’m in awe of Lauren’s capability to plot and construct such a great story but redundancy was a huge issue for me in this book. Cycles. Repetitive. Then you get an exciting moment three quarters of the way. It was so much repetition which in turns makes me want to skim the book. And let’s face it. That is no good. I think the cause of this repetition was because the book was rushed. All of the events taking place seemed like they were just thrown together.


For an author who was originally going to put out three books and downsized it to two, I feel like Lauren made the smart choice. These characters are ones that I will always enjoy but the story line in Antidote I just…didn’t.


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