Fault Lines (Rebecca Shea)


At eleven he was my first crush. At sixteen he became mine. At nineteen he broke my heart and destroyed me. That was ten years ago and the last time I saw Cole Ryan.

They say you never get over your first love…I beg to differ. I left my shattered heart buried in a town I never expected to return to. I erased every thought of him and buried the memories never to be found.

I moved on…now ten years later I have the perfect life, the perfect fiancé, the perfect career. Everything I ever wanted until I’m forced to go back and face my past and the man that destroyed me.

He won’t stop until I know the truth no matter how hard I fight it. In the end, lies will be uncovered, hearts will be broken, and my life as I’ve come to know it destroyed.

Fault Lines is a quick type of read I usually lean more towards. One that I can read in one or two sittings and one that has enough angst and emotional drainage to hold me over until my next binge.

My one and only issue with this book was the faulty (see what I did there) communication. It’s a pet peeve of mine, as a reader. Communication goes a loooooong way but not in Fault Lines and it was dragged a little too long which made it not so interesting to me. I got bored and I was antsy for the climax to hit.


A really cool aspect of this story, though is the connection between the title and the story itself. It was cool all of the ways Rebecca linked the title to the characters and the situations that arise within the story. No irony should be lost on anyone!

Another thing I liked about this book was the secondary characters. Namely Carter. *wink wink* They drove not only the characters motives and actions in this story but they drove the story itself. They were the people I wanted them to be and they said the things to the main characters that I wanted to say since I couldn’t be their word of reason. When I wanted to call Cole stupid, Carter was right there doing it for me!


I feel like Rebecca can stem off of this book in many ways. There are quite a few characters who need their story told and I hope that their time comes.

Love, loss, lies, and forgiveness is what you’re getting into when you open up Fault Lines. Sometimes that is just the type of book I’m looking for and I’m so glad that I found it within these pages.


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