So Much More (Kim Holden)

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Love is strange. It comes out of nowhere. There’s no logic to it. It’s not methodical. It’s not scientific. It’s pure emotion and passion. And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel love…and hate.

I’m now a reluctant connoisseur of both—an expert through immersion. I know them intimately.

When I fell in love with Miranda, it was swift and blind. She was the person I’d elevated to mythical status in my head, in my dreams.

Here’s the thing about dreams, they’re smoke.

They’re spun as thoughts until they become something we think we want. Something we think we need.

That was Miranda. She was smoke.

I thought I wanted her. I thought I needed her.

Over time reality crept in and slowly dissected and disemboweled my dreams like a predator, leaving behind a rotting carcass.

Reality can be a fierce bitch.

So can Miranda.

And I can be a fool…

who believes in dreams.

And people.

And love.

Um, I’m sorry but can the real Kim Holden please stand up? Because there is no way my sweet, loving, amazing-hug giving Kim wrote a person as awful as Miranda or a book so raw. There is no way. HOW?

“Puzzles don’t work when you only have half of the pieces. Same goes for hearts.”

I was nervous to read this book, I can admit that. I’ve had it for a while. I always am so hesitant when so many people love a book and no one hates it. How do you top All of It and Bright Side and Gus? Does that even happen? I will take back those three sentences and just say that it can be done and it has been done. Kim topped those books.

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Kim’s writing in So Much More was poetic. It was soothing and it was mind blowing. No matter what perspective you were reading from, you were enthralled with the way the words ran across the pages. That’s all I can say about that. I was blown away from the writing alone.

But here is why I liked this book. Romance didn’t over run or dictate this book. This is not a romance book. This is not a smutty, dirty, romance that you would see out there these days. This book is struggle and its hurtful. It’s truthful and blunt. You will hurt. If you don’t, you’re a Miranda. Bottom line.

“Everything wilts. Emotions, organs, thoughts, memories, hope…it all wilts. Like a leaf wilts due to lack of water or sunlight, they all turn in upon themselves until the edges are curled grotesquely and shriveled into something unrecognizable.”

Characters. Boy, did this book have a broad range of them. We will start with Seamus. The good. His character wasn’t much of an effect on me but it was nice to read a man’s perspective. I always enjoy their POV’s and their thoughts and his were no exception. Miranda. She was so interesting to me. She is the kind of character you hate, but you want to know SO MUCH MORE about her. I want to know all of the things. What makes her tick? Why? She was interesting, toxic, and poisoning but it was nice reading that. Especially coming from Kim. What place did she have to go to to write THAT!? Faith. She is Kim. I just know it. Her good vibes just spread and radiate everywhere, just like Kim’s. I hurt for her and I wanted to take her up on her free hugs every time she offered them. That says a lot coming from a person who likes to avoid physical contact LOL.

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I see online where a lot of people are always “scared” to read Bright Side. And that’s okay! My recommendation to you is that if you are afraid to read Bright Side, you should read So Much More. You should get Kim’s words into your system any way that you can. Have a blessed day.


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