Travesty (Carrie Thomas)


Waking up in a house she doesn’t recognize, sixteen-year-old, Sophia Sawyer, tries not to let the blankness of her mind terrorize her from the inside out. How can she not know who she is? How has she ended up chained in a basement? Trying to work through her fear, she sets her sights on escaping. When an opportunity arises, she puts her trust in a boy she doesn’t know, praying he will save her life.

At age four, Abram Scott learned life owes him nothing, while fourteen taught him how to throw a punch—and take one. Seventeen though… seventeen provides him with the best and worst year of his life. Before he is old enough to fight for his country, he will escape his own personal hell, save a life, live a lie, break the law, fall in love, betray that love… then lose it.

Letting Sophia go while not knowing if she will return, turns into the scariest decision Abram will ever make. But that’s the problem with living a lie; at some point, you have to decide which one is your truth.

This book was not awful. It also wasn’t “blow your mind” amazing. But for a YA book it was decent. I was interested enough to read it all the way through but I was also ready for it to be over with, if that makes any sense. It also has a very attractive cover that reeled me in so the author did very well in that aspect. But that might be it…

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The story line was okay and the characters were okay as well. The thing I struggled with most was how strong of a start the book had but the further you got into the slower it got. The more rushed it got. I felt as if maybe the author was trying too hard to pack everything into one small book. Which brings me to my next point:

Travesty should be two books. This story should be a duet and I’ll tell you why, without spoilers of course. We as readers need Abe and Sophia’s future. I feel like so much was left unfinished and that is not okay to me. I’m a nosey person, I am a person that wants to know things and at the end of the book I am left just wondering what ever became of the two. Not. Cool.

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Another thing that I struggled with were the multiple POVs. (never thought you would hear that from me, huh?) But I just couldn’t get on board with them and I didn’t like the male’s POV at all. It was like reading a females POV. Almost immature like, when he was supposed to be 18. I don’t feel like the author spent as much time on Abe’s POV when his should have been the most cared for, in my opinion.

So, solid cover, decent story line and YA genre for anyone who is into that sort of thing. If you like to have closure as a reader, I wouldn’t recommend this. But if you like fast paced, open-holed books this one would be perfect for you.

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