Forget Me Always (Sara Wolf)


All warfare is deception. Even in high school.

It’s been nineteen days since Isis Blake forgot about him. The boy she can’t quite remember. She’s stuck in the hospital with a turban-size bandage on her head, more Jell-o than a human being should ever face, and a tiny bit of localized amnesia. Her only goal? To get out of this place before she becomes a complete nutjob herself.

But as Isis’s memories start to return, she realizes there’s something important there at the edges of her mind. Something that may mean the difference between life and death. Something about Sophia, Jack’s girlfriend.

Jack Hunter—the “Ice Prince”—remembers everything. Remembers Isis’s purple hair and her smart-ass mouth. Remembers that for a little while, Isis made him feel human. She made him feel. She burned a hole in the ice…and it’s time to freeze back up. Boys like him don’t deserve girls like her. Because Jack is dangerous. And that danger might be the only thing protecting her from something far more threatening.

Her past.


Usually when I read a series, the first book always blows me away but the second just…doesn’t follow up to the greatness that is that first book. But this one was the exception. It was still just as good as the first and I absolutely couldn’t put it down.

“It was like waking up from a coma, like coming up for air from an ocean dive. I was angry. For the first time in a long time, I felt something. My life wasn’t still and silent anymore. It moved. You made it move. You made noise when no one else could.”

It was more exciting to read on in this series because in the second book we got more insight to the things that you wanted to know in the first book. Did you want to know about Sophia? Oh good. You are in for a treat then. Did you want to know more about Avery and Wren? Well don’t you worry your pretty self! There are so many things that come to light in this book that my mind almost blew just from the slew of information we were getting. Your mind gets so full of information it could just…combust.

“There are only things, good and bad things, and they happen all the time, to everyone.”

The wit and humor that is Isis Blake did not fail m in the second book. She still didn’t bore me and she hasn’t gotten on my nerves which is strange because a lot of female main characters start to bore me before it’s all said and done but her spunk never falters. I love her for that. I also love Jack. I love him in ways I cannot explain. It would take me an entire day to explain the ways that I love him. And let’s face it, nobody has time for that.

If you haven’t read these books I really feel like you are missing out. The best part about this whole second book was the fact that it took a turn in a way that I didn’t see coming. I was literally shocked, my face would tell you the same and curse words at the end of the books would tell you the same as well.


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