Redemption Island (L B Dunbar)


The Island

Welcome to the island.
This is no fantasy.
You’ll face fears.
You’ll face travesty.
You’ll face yourself.

One deserted island.
Two heinous crimes.
Two convicted hearts.

When decent people do bad things,
there’s only one place for forgiveness:
Redemption Island.

The island knows what you’ve done.

A completely ridiculous read. The amount of eye rolls that I have don’t even do the book justice. 160 pages. 160 eye rolls.

Image result for eye roll gif

The actions of the main characters were so unbelievable. I skimmed a lot of the parts because I could not take them seriously. Every single interaction they had was a complete mess. Not even a good kind. And where is the story line? How do we have books with no plot or story line? Why was the male just known as “angry” all of the time? Why are these characters so dense? Was all of that saved for the second book? I don’t know, I won’t find out.

Image result for eye roll gif

*SPOILER* Most importantly- and I’m going to say this because I feel like the readers should know- the author turned a gang bang rape into smut. Plain. And. Simple. I am a firm lover of Stockholm Syndrome, sure. But this was not even what that was. This was a mess and it was very unbelievable. I know the author was hoping to achieve that in a believable way but it just didn’t happen that way.

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Maybe this is my fault. Maybe since I don’t read blurbs this was just something that I wasn’t expecting. I was hoping a fantastic story to fit that fantastic cover but I didn’t receive that.



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