Six Feet Under (Whitney Barbetti)


Six wasn’t the hero I needed.

But he was the man I wanted.

And it was my selfish craving, the desire to own him, that would be our undoing.

No one tells you that love is a disease. An infection that tears your heart apart, leaving you half the person you were before. A malady that leaves open wounds. An invisible disorder tracing scars in the places you couldn’t see if you weren’t looking for them.

I was sick, but love didn’t heal me.

Instead, it festered in my marrow, and drove me to unforgivable mistakes.

Six was my first mistake, but he wouldn’t be the last.

“Sometimes, in moments like that one, I wondered at all the love I held for him. Love that seemed too big for me to contain behind my ribs.”

Years. That is the amount of time I have waited for this story from Whitney Barbetti. Weeks. That is the amount of time it took me to read and devour this book. That’s not a bad thing though. It’s quite the opposite. I beta read this book for Whitney and she sent me bits and pieces at different intervals of time. I am so glad I read it that way because the level of deep that Whitney digs into with SFU consumed me and then buried me whole. I needed those bits and pieces and I needed those days in between (no matter how much I begged her for more). One day. That is how long it took me to read the entire book once I received my ARC copy. A lifetime. That is how long this book will stay with me.

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“This was my advantage; I knew that love was a disease for me. Love was contagious and my immune system was weak so abstaining from men outside of a purely physical connection was my only choice. The only way to keep myself sane.”

I feel like if I sat here and talked about the things that drew me to Mira, we would be here for days and I would have eventually have a novel wrote. She spoke to me. Not just to me as a person but she spoke to my soul, to my emotions, to every single part of me. I’m not sure if Whitney meant to craft a character who does that so easily but, she did. Watching Mira really figure herself out was magical. As the pages flip and the years pass it was so fascinating watching Mira transform into the person she was meant to be. It was a struggle, of course but that struggle was so worth it. When I closed the book I pictured her to be this baby dragon that all of the sudden emerges from it’s ashes as the majestic fucking dragon she so deserves to be.

“You look so beautifully wild,” he said, “like a thunderstorm, right before it unleashes its fury.”

Whitney’s writing in this book is fan-fucking-tastic, and I never use that type of language in my reviews. I just cannot get over it. It’s like a whole brand new side of her that I have never read before so that was very exciting for me and something I wasn’t quite expecting.

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Quite a few of these scenes had me holding my breath. They had my eyes welling up with tears and my heart squeezing so damn tight I thought my anxiety would take me out along with Mira. A lot of the moments between her and Six shook me to my core. I felt it in my bones and I shook with emotions as each year passed by with more and more growth of Mira.

With SFU I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew it would be spanning years and a lot of things would be going on but the story line and the plot that Whitney was following never faltered. Not even for a second. The flowing of the story and the writing was just incredible and I love the direction that she is heading towards. What I do not like, is that I have to wait for more. Pieces of Eight cannot come soon enough!

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A lot of people are probably reading this review and saying “ugh, Talon is friends with Whitney, of course she loves this book.” You guys, I do not play like that. What Whitney has created in Six and Mira’s world is something I have never felt or read or even experienced before. It’s truly MAD LOVE. The kind that our souls need. The kind we need to save ourselves. Because contrary to popular belief, sometimes we do need someone to help save ourselves from well, ourselves.

I have also bumped this book up to my top five so HOW BOW DAH! Grab this book, ya’ll. Let Mira engulf you. Take over you. Soak her up and take her all in. She’s one hell of a female character lead. The best kind of sea creature there it.

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