Pieces of Eight (Whitney Barbetti)


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Six was always there, even when I didn’t want him.

But he couldn’t hold me together, and I couldn’t be his penance.

Loss is a phantom limb. No one can see it, but the ache torments you in the night, distracts you during the day, and leaves you fragmented. I’m half a heart, half a soul, and nothing could cure the pieces he’d left behind.

Losing him was safer than loving him. Because the love that kept us coming back again and again was nothing short of madness.

But then, isn’t mad love the most honest?

“I hated him so much. I loved him more.”

I have never been more proud of Whitney Barbetti than I am right here in this moment. After finishing Pieces of Eight and delving into my feelings I realized I had felt happiness and contention more than I ever have before. I’m sad that Mira & Six’s story is over, but I am not sad about getting there and experiencing these two characters lives, together & separately.

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My favorite thing about Pieces of Eight was Mira & Six (naturally) but let me tell you why. I enjoyed these two being apart for a little while because it showed me who they truly were as individuals. I can 100% say I am so proud of the person Mira has become. The Mira who is calm, cool, and collected, but has no problem doing what needs to be done still. Sober Mira. Strong Mira. Mira. Not Mira and Six. Just Mira. But I do want to also add that Six was a fully grown character to me as well. We seen sides of him in POE that we most definitely did not see in SFU. And that to me was so special. Raw and ragged Six, showing feelings and telling them, was my aesthetic. It was JUST what we as readers needed after reading SFU and experiencing a different side of Six.

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Whitney did a fantastic job at creating a story that spans years and still follows a story line that drops a huge twist (AND WHEN I SAY TWIST BOY IS IT A TWIST!) that fits perfectly with said story line and plot. Her writing provided me with vivid pictures and clarity of every situation going on at the moment. Have I mentioned how much I love her writing in these two stories? It’s immaculate. It’s a Whitney Barbetti I have never seen before so I know it’s one ya’ll haven’t seen before.

POE was a very character driven story, the tone alone is 10x different than SFU but I enjoyed it for that very reason. It ends in a sense that reminded me of Mud Vein. We make our own endings, even if we are shit at it, like Mira. Six and Mira’s future is for us and us only. It is what we want it to be and I love that.

I hold these two very near and dear to my heart. They have embedded themselves in me forever. They led me to places I have never experienced before and because of that I am truly thankful. Reading about Mira and Six has been the best ride of my life. I am so happy that you guys get to experience it too.

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