The Reigning and the Rule (Calia Read)


Étienne Lacroix and I had a fire I thought would never die. 
Our love was timeless. 
An irreversible decision sent me back to the present day with a family I barely recognize, but I am determined to find a way back to Étienne. 
I can survive time. But I can’t survive life without him. 
Time bends to no one’s demands, so I must fight with everything I have to return to the past. However, I am terrified that the past I once knew might not look the same, and the man who once called me his surviving trace will no longer be waiting for me. 

Time bends to no one’s demands but sometimes love does…

“Our love is timeless.”

When I say that I have been lucky enough to read these stories beside Calia, I mean it. Being next to her every step of the way has been so much fun. Not to mention, this world that she has created has enchanted me in the best possible way. Which brings me to my most important point of this entire review: The more time I spent working on this, the more I realized what garbage said review is because no words I ever typed could put into words how strategically beautiful and genius this series is.

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I can start out by saying that if you wanted more angst in The Surviving Trace, Calia has delivered just that to you. On a silver platter even! Every single page you turn will have you wanting to either: cry, scream, beg, shake a character, or my favorite option, ALL OF THE ABOVE. It was the whole package.

“I will give you everything you want. Everything you need. Just scream and let the world know you are mine.”

But most importantly, Serene stole the show for me this go around though. Her spunk, fire, and fight had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The way she adapted to her surroundings and the things happening to her had me cheering her on the entire time. The personality she embodied in TRatR captivated me more than I thought was even possible.

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I really loved how Calia weaved in all of these fun little extras, especially with her side characters. Usually when authors do this, they intend to give us more books about said characters. If you think I would be mad about going back to Belgrave again and again, you are wrong. I would love nothing more than to experience that place through the lives of some of the others. Hint…hint…

This story. These characters. Calia. Belgrave. All of these hold such a special place in my heart and I know they will stay there forever. I hope you give this story a chance. I hope you read it and fall in love every time you turn the page just like I did.

“My heart will always belong to Etienne Lacroix no matter what happens, or what he does and that’s the truth.”

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