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Hey guys!
Big, big thanks to Ashley at Ashes Books & Bobs for tagging me in this! She’s truly a genuine and kind person so please be sure to check out her blog and give it a follow!
I don’t think I have ever done one on these on my blog the entire 3 or 4 years I have been doing this so maybe she knew this was something that I needed to have done LOL!

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Why did you start blogging and why have you kept blogging?

I first started blogging because I had some great friends at work that kept encouraging me to put down all of my thoughts of all of the books I was reading. I would come to work and go on and on about what I read, why I liked it, and why I didn’t. Fun fact: My co-worker is actually the person who named my blog!

I have kept blogging for the simple reason that I love it. I have the greatest support system and it keeps me going every day. I love every aspect of it. Even if I have 2 page views and 2 likes on my review post– I love it. I did something for me. I love spreading the word and I love writing down just how the book made me feel. It’s such a cathartic process to me.

What is your favourite type of post to write?

I cannot yell that enough. Some of my favorite posts ever are five star reviews that I have written along my journey.
I just love writing those so much.
That feeling of “when do I stop talking and typing about this book?” and “am I saying too much?” and “Are people getting annoyed and even reading this anymore?” I love that. Knowing that something hit me so hard that I literally cannot stop talking about it is the best feeling ever. It is really few and far between for me, so I really love when it happens.

What are your top three blog posts?

  1. My FIVE STAR READS post. I am so proud of this list that I have compiled and worked on over the years.
  2. SIX FEET UNDER and PIECES OF EIGHT by Whitney Barbetti

What are your five favourite things?

My boys, books, rap music, bad words, and coffee.

What are your proudest blogging moments?

Any time Colleen Hoover gives me a shout out, I really appreciate it. It’s always such a surreal moment.

Other than that, my biggest and most proudest moments are when people reach out to me and thank me for being honest always. For never being rude and hateful, and for always discussing the book, not attacking the author.

What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

I don’t think I have any. I am actually pretty boring in real life LOL! I mean, I like to read and watch Netflix. I like to clean my house and cook. I also like to be outside with the boys in the summer. Summers with my husband and son are always my favorite.

Describe your personality in three words

Witty, genuine, and I am pretty funny.

What are your top three pet peeves?

  1. Unsolicited opinions
  2. When people don’t use their blinkers.
  3. When people say and preach one thing but do the complete opposite to appease others.

What’s something that your followers don’t know about you?

I think I am an open book (pun intended).

But something they may not know is how sensitive I am. I’m extremely sensitive when it comes to certain things. Maybe a little too much.

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